Industry 4.0 Drives Efficient Production of Plentiful and Lower Cost Products

Industry 4.0 Drives Efficient Production of Plentiful and Lower Cost Products

Industry 4.0 is obviously a priority project of the German government, with their official  High-Tech Strategy involving partners in the private sector generating a lot of interest and discussion at last year’s Hannover Fair.  The Internet of Things allows processes to function following a decentralized, modular framework – enabling Smart devices to work together in the ‘cloud’.  Most of the techniques, technologies and processes exist today, this article explores what the possible vision of Industry 4.0 might entail:

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us

The first Industrial Revolution was driven by the steam engine and mechanization, the second by Henry Ford’s assembly line and the third in the 1970s, when computers revolutionized the workplace. Now the three have coalesced, putting us at the dawn of Industry 4.0, an age where “smart devices” really are smart enough to assume major control over our machines of manufacturing and distribution.


The 4th Industrial Revolution is actually an evolution of smart ways of manufacturing things – from machinery then automation and now collaborating sensor-equipped systems. Industry 4.0’s ultimate benefit is to produce more plentiful, lower cost products efficiently and with high quality at high speed – making the best possible use of time, energy and resources.

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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