Digital Innovations Making Manufacturing Processes More Productive

Digital Innovations Making Manufacturing Processes More Productive

The internet and world wide web is not just a massive encylopedia of information and marketing material. Today’s advanced information technology allows a host of digital innovations. Some examples are software programs that convert heavy duty repetitive manufacturing techniques into automated processes – often producing superior products more easily, more cost effectively and in less time. This is commonly called Smart Manufacturing. Find out how one of the industry leaders in their field is using this to their advantage:

Innovating Around the Clock to Change the Paradigm of Manufacturing

When you’re part of a global company that operates multiple R&D sites around the world, the engine of innovation literally never stops. And with manufacturing competitiveness greater than ever, we don’t have a minute to spare.

GE has explored and adapted the idea of Smart Manufacturing from 3D Inking to making use of robotics in the production of aircraft engines to using advanced medical imaging for detecting nano-faults in materials. In today’s world where commodity manufacturing can be conducted cheaply in developing countries where labour costs and infrastructure requirements are cheap, Smart Manufacturing is the only way the developed countries can compete on an equal footing and create a sustainable competitive edge. Some companies, like GE understand that. Heck, even some governments do, and provide the infrastructure and support for industry to flourish in that environment. Pity most don’t! Those that get left behind, will find themselves in the wilderness all too soon!

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

Jürgen Strauss

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