Australia's Response on Industry 4.0's Plea for Action

Australia’s Response on Industry 4.0’s Plea for Action

In the recent Committee for Economic Development of Australia or (CEDA) panel discussion, advanced manufacturing in Australia was highlighted in response to the plea of Siemens New Zealand’s CEO, Paul Ravlich – to act now rather than wait for the industry 4.0 to take effect or it will be too late for Australian manufacturing – since advanced manufacturing policies in Europe, India and the US are already in place.

Lee Kelly, State Director of NSW/ACT, CEDA explained that Australia cannot compete with low-cost, high-volume production countries and it’s best to focus on advanced manufacturing based on knowledge-intensive R&D to produce high-tech and customised solutions such as what Biotechnology company Cochlear is doing.  Niche industries with innovative technology should be the direction to go, added Dig Howitt, Cochlear’s Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Logistics.  More here:

Australia’s future in advanced manufacturing

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) last week presented a panel which discussed the future of manufacturing in Australia. The panel also outlined CEDA’s report ‘Advanced Manufacturing: Beyond the production line’, which examines how advanced manufacturing can support our country’s long-term growth.

Professor Göran Roos, Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing Council in Adelaide and a member of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Leaders Group justified that the government’s role is to drive productivity, enable a transition to advanced manufacturing and build economic complexity.  Angus Armour, Deputy Director General, Industry, Innovation, Hospitality and the Arts, NSW Trade and Investment also added that creating a positive environment that allows businesses to compete globally is the best thing to do.  The only question now is how?  And does the government have the political will, understanding and commitment long term, to do what is required?

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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