IoT Devices are Not Always Expensive

IoT Devices are Not Always Expensive

Many people are not open to change because in most cases, it would cost them more money and they don’t understand the benefits or return on the investment. IoT products were created to reduce costs, provide huge data analytic capacity and enable consumers to have financial stability. If you are not yet convinced of the cost-benefit that IoT products can bring, read what companies like GE and Cisco are doing to be more competitive:

“The New New Thing: The Internet of Things”

Here’s a phrase you’re about to hear a lot more of — if you haven’t already: the “Internet of Things.”

Why? It’s about to be the next big thing. What does it mean? It’s not just computers and phones that are linked up to the Internet — it’s your stuff: refrigerators and glasses and trains and buildings.

The Internet of Things connects almost everything to fill in the gaps that currently make daily living inefficient. Challenges like distance, time and resources are either saved or supplemented with relevant information with the help of IoT innovations. Some companies are doing it in a large scale like in transportation and manufacturing industries – but for most of us, being open to making our home devices connected is a good start towards recognising the era of interconnected things!

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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