HyperCat: Better Option than Internet of Things?

HyperCat: Better Option than Internet of Things?

Data sharing and communication proved to be more efficient using an open catalogue specification that automatically allows applications in discovering and data interpretation – the HyperCat system is one way this has been approached. This development was unveiled long before Internet of Things technologies were known by many companies. Here’s an interesting article on that protocol:

The Internet of Things is at risk: Can HyperCat come to the rescue?

A group of companies has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing standard which, it hopes, will level the playing field and give small businesses a chance to compete with the giants of tech.

More than 40 organisations — including ARM, BT, IBM, and a number of startups and universities — have been working on a project, funded with £6.4m by the British government’s Technology Strategy Board, to allow sensors and devices to share data much more easily.

HyperCat usage at the ARM Cambridge headquarters proves to reduce energy consumption and provides relevant information that enables accuracy in the process when this real-time connection is linked to the research infrastructure.

This shows already how end-users and businesses can benefit from this enhanced connection. However, HyperCat’s successful emergence will vary on the response of larger technological industries.

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