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Our Work Process

We follow a structured process designed to give you the exceptional results you expect from Innovabiz.

  • Stage One: Discovery

    We'll do whatever is needed to really understand your business and project. In our marketing breakthrough session, we'll identify your business values, your target audience, your business goals, website needs and whatever else we need to deliver you exceptional results from your online presence.
  • Stage Two: Research

    In this stage, we explore and develop ideas, strategies, tactics and actions that will deliver your goals and exceptional outcomes. You'll have a Smart Website Blueprint for your project, that outlines our suggested approach.
  • Stage Three: Development

    In this stage your Blueprint takes visual shape, beginning with a prototype that demonstrates the functionality and technology to deliver your outcomes. We'll then turn the strategy and proposed solution into your very own business generation platform that delivers exceptional results.
  • Stage Four: Launch

    Once we've developed your business generation platform, we'll do some fine tuning based on your final input and work through a 57 point checklist to ensure everything looks and works as it should.  Then we break out the champagne and launch!  We also setup your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts and submit the new site to all the major directories.
  • Stage Five: Ongoing CARE

    Once your new website is live, we'll take care of all the essential CARE tasks, including security, backups, system and software updates.  This ensures that your new business generation platform will work for you 24/7.

    View our CARE plans here
  • Exceptional Results Always!

    Our  Premium and Elite CARE plans include educational webinars, marketing strategy and related services to keep your website and online presence acting as an exceptionally successful business generation platform on an ongoing basis in this time of rapid technology development.

    View our CARE plans here