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Maybe Author Rank Is Live

Maybe Author Rank Is Live

If you have been wondering whether Author Rank is already carried out by Google or not, perhaps this article can convince you that it is indeed being implemented now – thus the great importance of following Author Rank’s best practices on your website for better Search Engine Optimisation:

Maybe Author Rank Is Live

“Yesterday I wrote a post, Signs Author Rank is Active and clicked the Publish button on my blog. Immediately my post was ranked in the top position in the search results for the search, Is Author Rank Active. Although I was happy to see this happen I had to ask myself how was I able to get number 1 ranking in the search results, instantly.

Perhaps, it’s about time to bear in mind the Author Rank concept when creating and publishing blogs – to get the enormous benefits they can generate for your website.   Aside from increasing your traffic and Google ranking, you can also develop your authorship identity that will be relevant when starting new projects

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