Keywords Don't Matter Any More

Keywords Don’t Matter Any More


Many SEO “Gurus” are unfortunately still living in the last century and working with keywords as if that was the only thing that Google considered in ranking a website.  It was back in 1999 (or at least one of the most important).  Today, Keywords don’t matter anymore!  Well, not quite, however, keywords are only one of over 200 factors that Google considers in ranking websites.

Alp Mimaroglu, in this article on the Kissmetrics blog, explains in more detail:

How Much Do Keywords Still Matter?

by: Alp Mimaroglu

Back in the early 2000s, microsite millionaires were springing up like daisies. Fortunes were literally made overnight because of the way Google SEO worked, and the formula couldn’t have been simpler.

But then the Google Panda update in 2011 changed everything. The microsite millionaire method of making money was guillotined, and no matter what SEO marketers tell you, SEO is not as important as it used to be.

The fact is, that nothing beats authority content!  Being an authority website in your field, means sharing what your audience wants, updating new information regularly and writing for your audience.  That’s what Google likes too!

Some time ago, I wrote a long article about this topic and slowly more and more people in the online space, are focusing less on keywords and more on authority content.

Jürgen Strauss

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