Help I'm not on Page One of Google – What trick can I use?

Help I'm Not on Page One

Page One of Google

I’m often asked “Why is my website not on page one of Google?” and further “Isn’t there some trick you can use to get me there?”

We all want page one results for our Website, don’t we?   Of course we do.   Well, what if I were to tell you a “secret” way that dramatically increases your chances of getting a page one search engine result – would that interest you?

I thought so.   And even better – this “secret” applies to both Google and Bing!

The Secret to Getting to Page One of Google

It seems everyone is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) – keywords and key phrases and incoming links and all the rest.  Whilst many of these so-called experts don’t really understand SEO, its purpose and how to achieve page one rankings, everyone is doing these things.  As a result, getting to page one is harder than ever, despite all of your SEO work.

And then of course there are those who try to “trick” Google into believing that your website is deserving of a page one ranking – not very smart and likely at some point to attract Google’s attention, but in the wrong sort of way.   In other words, it might attract a penalty, which is even worse than just ranking outside page one.

The reason why you are not on the front page of Google is that you are not producing regular content and publishing regular content.  By content, I mean articles, blog posts, new website pages, videos, webinars, e-books.

Because your website has no new content, the search engines are not re-indexing your site (because it isn’t necessary – there is nothing new) and so your ranking won’t change and you’ll not get to the front page of Google or Bing.

So, there is the “secret” – produce regular, valuable content targeted to your website visitors, to the people who you want to talk to.  Then the search engines will re-index your site each time they visit, because things have changed again.   And, if done correctly and strategically, this content based strategy will rapidly move you up the search rankings, for the search terms you are targeting.

I heard a wonderful one-liner just the other day, that I think sums this up brilliantly – attributed to Bill Belew  – “If you want to be found, then give people things to find.”


The Problem

Of course, the problem is that producing content on a regular basis is time consuming and often not perceived as a high value task in the business.   Most of the time it gets delegated to someone who doesn’t know how to do it properly.   So it is done poorly, infrequently and eventually new content just doesn’t get produced and published at all.

So now you have this website that you perhaps spent thousands of dollars on getting developed, and it is not giving a return on that investment, because it’s not being found and your ideal business leads are not visiting. Basically, the website is languishing, neglected and un-loved, in cyber pergatory! As a result, getting to page one of Google, is virtually a pipe-dream!

The solution to this problem is to have accountability and work with someone to ensure you produce fresh, regular, new content consistently, because that is the only way you are going to get to page one of Google and Bing.

These videos from Google’s Matt Cutts, give some further insights:


That’s why we at Innovabiz have moved our business model away from selling websites, to a subscription plan, where there is a small investment up front to get your website setup, working and meeting best-practice.

Then we have an ongoing relationship with our clients that includes a monthly accountability meeting where we plan your content strategy, workshop your headlines, and help you get systems in place so that you can produce and publish content on a regular basis.  As I’ve already mentioned, done correctly and strategically such a content based strategy will rapidly move you up the search rankings and start attracting more of those ideal leads to visit your site. And at the end of the day, getting leads is more important than being on page one of Google, no?

Of course, the benefits of having an ongoing relationship with your web developer / online strategist extend well beyond just your content strategy, but that is a topic for one of my next blog posts.

If you want to learn more about our website subscription models, call us on +61352828313, or send us an email on

Written by: Jurgen Strauss

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