Can Online Reputation be Ruined Overnight?

Can Online Reputation be Ruined Overnight?

It must be a nightmare finding out one day that your smooth sailing profitable business has turned totally from good to bad. Who cares about online reputation? Obviously customers do especially in the world wide web. Take the case of Lucy Reynolds who for decades has been a very favoured travel operator – and all of a sudden became a victim of blackmail and extortion. Read her story here:

Bad reputation: blackmail, corruption plague online reviews

By: GoodWeekendMagazine

Lucy Reynolds, an Australian expat with a successful business in Italy, woke up one day to find herself under attack. The Sydney-born former lawyer had spent most of her 30s building up her enterprise, taking tourists on walking tours of the sights of Florence – the Uffizi, the Duomo, the Baptistery of John the Baptist, the Ponte Vecchio – as well as private art galleries, and using her decade’s experience of being married to a local to steer them towards her favourite restaurants and cafes. She was listed on TripAdvisor, the world’s biggest online travel forum, and was pleased to see on her regular checks of the website that her customers gave her positive reviews.

Since Google Page Rank is the most powerful reputation builder over the internet, why not plan an engagement to regularly feed its search engine with reputable, truthful and updated facts about your business? No one can please everybody but you can push negative comments down into the search result page if you have enough positive search engine-friendly materials to occupy the  first page of Google –  for your specific business  category.  This can therefore prevent malicious feedback from reaching your target market.

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