QR Codes – Here to Stay

QR Codes – Here to Stay

What is a QR code and why suddenly it became a hot thing in the mobile marketing industry? This blog explains the many purposes of QR codes and why they are perceived as brilliant innovations – as far as business is concerned:


QR Codes – Here to Stay

“Everywhere you go, whether on public transportation, at a bus stop, or at the store, you will see QR codes, which is a 2D barcode. They are similar to a scan barcode or UPC code located on price tags at retail stores but QR codes are scanned using your smart phone and they look like a square maze (example below). This code can store data about a product or company or whatever is being advertised, such as hyperlinks, telephone numbers, email, text, SMS/MMS message, contact info such as a vCard, or calendar info such as vCalendar.”


The capability of QR codes in storing relevant information pertaining to a particular business will not give surfers too much information during their initial search. Interested individuals will then have the opportunity to know more about the product, services, company or promotion upon taking time to scan them.


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