Qr codes for marketing: everything you need to know

Qr codes for marketing: everything you need to know

Qr code marketing is not something that only technical people can embrace. It actually gives ample convenience not just to business providers but most of all, to the consumers. Here’s what you should know about the topic in a very entertaining manner:


Qr codes for marketing: everything you need to know

“WTH!? QR Codes? Are QR Codes really viable for marketing? Wait a minute, I’m not Gucci, Ford or some other big brand… Indeed, you may not be a big brand–I would argue, as I have done for several clients, QR Codes are not just for the big boys. A good understanding of your customer and how QR Codes can be used can help you make the decision to QR or not to QR.”


When you are in business, you can’t afford losing the many possibilities that qr codes can offer by simply trying to stick with the traditional marketing strategies. It is best to explore, adapt and get into the newest mobile trade fast!


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