Captivating Presentations – Get Rid of Those Bullet Points

Captivating Presentations – Get Rid of Those Bullet Points


We’ve all suffered from the old “death by Powerpoint” and had to sit through less than captivating presentations – yes, it’s bad, isn’t it!  Imagine your audience feeling that way about your presentations!  One big improvement most people can make in their presentations is to “Ban the Bullet” – yes, get rid of those slides that are riddled with bullet points, are hard to read and basically do not contribute in any way to your presentation.  

Let’s make captivating presentations and begin with saying goodbye to bullet points.  Here is a great post about another way to present the same information in a much more engaging way:

A Simple Alternative to Bullet Points

by: Leslie Belknap

Death By Powerpoint is often the result of slides riddled with bullet points. However, despite the fact that bullet points are a trademark component of boring presentations, many people still rely on this undesirable formatting option to highlight concepts in their presentation. Why? Well, bullet points are a fast and easy option for highlighting important points on slides. In addition, most people simply do not know any formatting alternatives that can replace their beloved bullet points.

The abuse of bullet points needs to stop, and I am here to help you join the revolution of presenters who are saying no to bullet points in their presentations. Bullet points are not only boring, they are also proven to be an ineffective method of communication for presentations.

This article demonstrates a very effective way to deliver a powerful message in an engaging and memorable way, by presenting the information you might be tempted to place in a slide with a lot of bullet points, in a much better manner.  Presenters – for the sake of audiences everywhere in the world, please take note!

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