Jürgen Strauss, our founder and Chief Innovator, who is also a keen hobby photographer.

The Brief:

Jürgen was looking for a way to incorporate his vast collection of digital photographs that he stores at SmugMug, into a website that also included a blog.  In addition, he wanted to be able to easily share photos on social media, prevent unauthorized downloads of his photos and be able to use the sell photos feature in the future.

The Project:

We setup a website that 
  • enables Jürgen to simply bookmark photos as he uploaded them to SmugMug, in order to display on his chosen website page as well
  • maintained hosting of the images at SmugMug, thus enabling fast page loading
  • allowed easy sharing of images to social media
  • secured images from unauthorized downloading


After launching the new website, visitors and interest in Jürgen's photos increased dramatically, and the rate of sharing on social media has exceeded expectations.  Jürgen now finds it very easy and quick to add photos to any page, without even going to the website - all part of his photo-processing workflow in Adobe Lightroom.

Website URL:

Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz

What can I say, I'm absolutely thrilled with my new photography website!
Of course, had I not been, I would have had it changed!  After all, I am the boss!

Jürgen Strauss