InnovaBuzz Episode #82 – The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus
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The Power of Focus

In this episode, Jürgen discusses the power of focus and how a much narrower focus in your business can deliver exceptional results. People are often reluctant to really focus very narrow, because of the fear that they might miss opportunities outside that focus area. What we talk about today, is how the opposite is true.  Learn how to banish the FOMO Monster!

Listen to the podcast for the details.

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Show Notes

Key points and take-aways from this episode on The Power of Focus:

  • How to banish the FOMO (fear of missing out) monster.
  • Learning about The Power of Focus in one area of your business or life and practising focus, helps you focus in other areas.
  • The Power of Focus has definitely embedded itself in my psyche since our planning event. It’s quite amazing to me, to observe what’s going on in my mindset, in my business and in my relationship with others as a result of applying an obsessive focus to all I do.
  • Meet Coach Sam, my ideal client . Coach Sam loves helping other businesses grow.  She has big dreams and is passionate about changing the world with her knowledge and service. She is bright, positive, hard working and excited to get a digital marketing platform that will transform her business. She has a servant’s heart and likes to work with businesses that have that same compass, like we do.
  • As you can hear – that’s getting very specific. If I’m totally honest, then somewhere in my unconscious, there lurked a FOMO monster (fear of missing out), which prevented me in the past, from narrowing down the focus. Well, that FOMO monster is now slain!
  • With the Power of Focus you’ll see things much more clearly – you can filter out “noise” and  “park” most of that in a “some day” file, with the result that the opportunities that are a great fit for your focus area get the attention that will move them forward and drive results.
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Coach Sam and the Power of Focus


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Listen to the Podcast

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Jürgen is the chief innovator and founder of Innovabiz who partner with innovative business coaches to transform your online presence into a business generation platform that delivers exceptional results. You can find Jürgen on Google+ as well as on Innovabiz' Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Pages.

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