InnovaBuzz Episode #50 Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture:
Creating an Organisational Culture that values Innovation

In this milestone episode #50, Jürgen discusses the dramatic changes that will impact our lives and our businesses in the coming 5 years and how we can not only adapt to these changes so our business survives, but to lead the changes and be the innovators.  It's about building an innovation culture in your organisation.  Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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Show Highlights

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Many traditional and well established businesses have disappeared because they didn't recognize and adapt to disruptive change.
  • The best way to adapt to change, is to lead it and be the innovator.
  • We must position our businesses to not just survive the disruptive change, but be at the forefront of such change.
  • Innovation is a change that adds value - it is both new and useful.  It also requires turning ideas into action.
  • Building an innovation culture in an organisation, requires first that you really understand who it is that you serve and why.
  • What business are you really in?  What experience do you provide your customers?

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