InnovaBuzz Episode #48 – Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells : Virtual Assistant Trainer

In this episode number 48,  Lisa Wells talks to us about systems, processes, leverage through online training and her virtual assistant training business.  Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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Your business is a baby, you have to give it so much attention at first. And it does take time - You have to nurture it; nothing happens overnight.

Lisa Wells

Show Highlights

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • With the money she made from her first client Lisa then invested in her own education and acquiring new skills, learning how to do things better. Then added more value to that client and of course more value to other clients. And the business grew as a result.
  • Everything you can think of you should have a process for - conference follow up, online marketing, running a webinar for example. Processes and checklists for everything!
  • Having processes documented and used in the business gives creative freedom and allows the business owner to take time to do other things while the business continues.
  • Keep focused on the outcome and determine the best solution to achieve that, once you understand the desired outcome and what it looks like.

if you do anything twice, it needs to be documented

Lisa Wells

The Buzz - Our Innovation Round

Here are Lisa's answers to the questions of our Innovation round.

  • #1 thing to be more innovative – Don't be married to a solution up front - determine and understand the desired outcome first and find out how you can be of service.
  • Best thing for new ideas – Synergy, surround yourself with good people and learn from them.
  • Favourite tool for innovation – Meet Edgar
  • Keep project / client on track – Set clear expectations up front and keep communications open, keep everyone accountable.
  • Differentiate – Focus on what you are doing right, be more of who you already are and just OWN that!

To Be a Leader

Don't assume that everybody is at your level - be a leader, you are good enough.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Lisa at the her website, the Virtual Assistant Trainer website, on Twitter @LisaWells, or on Facebook

Suggested Guest

Lisa suggested I interview Michael Mapes of Graveyard Innovation on a future InnovaBuzz podcast.  So, Michael, keep an eye on your inbox, for an invitation from me to the InnovaBuzz podcast, courtesy of Lisa Wells.

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