InnovaBuzz Episode #75 – Ideal Audience and Community

Ideal Audience and Community

Your Ideal Audience and Community

In today's podcast, Jürgen talks about who the ideal audience is for your message - who is it that you can benefit the most?  He shares the beginning of his journey in the Marketing Seminar Community of Seth Godin and learnings around focusing on who you serve, from that seminar.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

Show Notes

Key points and take-aways from this episode on Ideal Audience and Community:

  • According to Seth Godin, Marketing makes change happen.  If there is no change, the marketing didn't work!
  • Seth also says that getting really clear about WHO you want to change, changes EVERYTHING.  He advises to find the smallest audience you can live with and delight them, focus on them and obsess over them.  The result will be something amazing - you are going to get bigger, you're going to have more impact.
  • Getting to know your target audience is really important and one very effective way to do that is constructing audience or ideal customer profiles.  We share some example customer profiles in InnovaBuzz Ep 68 on Information Marketing
  • Exceptionally valuable information should transform your target audience and elevate their status.
  • Using the blog on your website to build a repository of exceptionally valuable information - consistently.  It's like building Rome (it wasn't built in a day!) - and as you build it you are giving value every day and creating an asset for your business as well as a go to resource for your target audience.

Listen to the Podcast

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