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Tom Poland – Leadsology.

Our guest in this episode is Tom Poland who is best-selling author of the Leadsology series of books and also Marketing with Webinars. His new book: “Get Quality New Clients for free from Other People’s Networks” is launching in early November.

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We explore the power of email marketing, the importance of establishing strong business relationships, and the concept of leveraging other people’s networks (OPN) for marketing success.

Key Points:

  1. Leveraging other people’s networks (OPN) through email marketing and strategic partnerships is a powerful and cost-effective way to generate new clients.
  2. Building relationships, establishing trust, and offering value are crucial in successful marketing and business collaborations.
  3. Investing in expert guidance and implementing proven strategies is essential for long-term business success.

Tom previously appeared on Episode 446 of the podcast.

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Show Notes from this episode with Tom Poland, Leadsology

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Tom Poland, a marketing expert who has been honing his strategies since 1995. Tom shares his wisdom on the power of other people’s networks (OPN) and how leveraging them can help businesses generate new clients without incurring financial costs.

Tom begins by sharing his compulsion to write and articulate his ideas every two years. This practice has enabled him to develop and test the concept of OPN over the years. According to Tom, there is a lot of misinformation about marketing, and he wants to set the record straight by sharing his valuable insights.

OPN, as Tom explains, involves leveraging other people’s networks to tap into new client markets. This is different to hiring freelancers, employees, or even through licensing agreements. Tom is particularly interested in utilizing other people’s networks, specifically their email lists, for marketing purposes. He stresses the importance of implementing OPN strategies in webinars and generating leads through these existing networks.

During the episode, Tom delves into popular examples of OPN, which include well-known platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. However, he emphasizes that the true power of OPN lies in accessing email lists that target the same markets as the speaker. By gaining ethical and effective access to these lists, businesses can secure a valuable source of prospects.

Furthermore, Tom reveals that many people have underestimated the power of email marketing in recent years. With the shift away from social media and people’s diminishing attention spans, email has become a more reliable and effective communication channel. To illustrate this, Tom shares an example of a client who promoted a webinar on Facebook, a platform the speaker rarely uses. Instead, Tom suggests that the client should have sent an email to their list to ensure he received the notification.

Tom discusses the significance of establishing relationships with potential marketing partners who possess email lists that align with the speaker’s target clients. He introduces the concept of giving the target market a “first date” before proposing any partnership. Tom suggests that inviting potential partners onto a podcast can be an effective way to invoke reciprocity and establish a stronger relationship. He provides practical tips on setting up a podcast and finding potential partners through targeted internet searches.

Understanding the reason why people join certain networks or email lists is crucial in successful marketing campaigns, as Tom explains. To illustrate this point, he uses TikTok as an example, stating that people join primarily for entertainment, not for lead generation tips. He also mentions Tony Robbins, whose audience joins his list for personal development, not for marketing information. Aligning the reason why people join a network or email list with the reason for promoting a product or service is essential for campaign success and resonating with the target audience.

Tom explains that both email promotions and social media reposts can harness this power. However, he notes that email promotions tend to generate significantly more responses compared to social media reposts. Furthermore, he highlights the concept of a “first date” in marketing, which involves building trust and credibility with potential clients before proposing a business relationship. Comparing webinars or physical events to a dinner date, Tom emphasizes that deeper connections can be formed during these more invested interactions. Tom reflects on the personal growth and networking opportunities he has gained through hosting his podcast, this is the “first date”.

Tom also touches on the misconceptions surrounding entrepreneurship. While many view it as a quick route to make money, Tom asserts that it requires hard work and guidance. He acknowledges his own past mistakes and emphasizes the importance of learning from others’ experiences to avoid repeating those mistakes and shorten the entrepreneurship journey.

To conclude, this episode with Tom Poland offers profound insights into the power of other people’s networks (OPN) and harnessing the potential of email marketing. Tom’s experience and expertise provide valuable guidance for entrepreneurs and marketers striving to grow their businesses by leveraging existing networks and forming meaningful relationships. So, join us in this exciting episode of Innova.Buzz as we dive into innovative ways to expand your reach and connect with your ideal clients.

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Cool Things About Tom

  • He’s a kiwi who moved to the Sunshine Coast many years ago which is also where he met his German wife – locally they’re known as “the Kiwi and the Kraut”.
  • He started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international
  • He and his wife have seven children and seven grandchildren.
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