InnovaBuzz Episode #62 – Taking Massive Action

InnovaBuzz Podcast 62

Taking Massive Action

In today’s episode, Jürgen talks about taking massive action – one of the Five Success Principles from NLP.  He lists 3 examples, walking through a marketing campaign, step by step; asking the questions “if you know you can’t fail, what would you do?”; and finally alerting to a challenge to be revealed in Episode #63.  Listen to the podcast and read the post to find out more.

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Hi, I’m Jürgen Strauss from Innovabiz.   Welcome to Episode No 62 of the InnovaBuzz Podcast – designed to help smart businesses with an interest in innovation become even more innovative.
The theme of this week’s podcast is Take Massive Action.  This is from the Five Success Principles of NLP and I was prompted to choose this theme, because that’s what we’ve been doing this week!
First massive action, is setting up the
Marketing Campaign Planning Retreat Thailand
I’ve talked on previous podcasts about our magical goal setting and planning retreat coming up in May.  More details about that event later on.
Want to share today the marketing campaign that we are building for that:

  • Beginning with the end in mind – focus on our ideal customer (business owner who wants to move from buying themselves a job to owning a highly profitable business that provides abundance and enables them to have the family lifestyle they want.   They are driven by the desire to make a difference in their community and their business, and are motivated to learn and grow. Their biggest challenge is scaling their business to the next level.  They want growth, are up for a mio $ business, committed,  – we’ll help those business owners to set the plans to achieve that lifestyle and business.
  • Second Step is defining our offer that will address their need
  • Core offer = Planning retreat
  • “Get to Know You” offer = Four webinars by the Four awesome presenters, all based around the theme of the Five Success Principles, focused on each of our areas of expertise.
  • Free offer – in exchange for their email, and a series of educational emails to expand on that offer, e.g.
  • Valuable and educational content at the front of that – blog post
  • “A Content Marketing Framework that Saves Time and Makes Blogging Easy”.
  • Third Step – set it all up
    • Blog
    • Landing Page
    • Thank You Page
    • Offer 1 (Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet)
    • Offer 2 (Webinars)
    • Drip email campaign with educational emails and reminders about the webinar offer
    • Video Information Page with 5 launch videos
    • Webinar Registration page – offer Planning Retreat

A lot of moving parts to get right and I could have just given up when things didn’t quite work out, such as a very slow internet connection this week, when I was trying to upload videos and set the landing page.  Taking massive action, means pushing through those barriers and that’s what I did.
So watch out next week for that blog post to be published – “A Content Marketing Framework that Saves Time and Makes Blogging Easy” and if you are interested in seeing how the whole marketing system works, then read the post and download the Worksheet.  Of course, you’ll be in the list to receive more information and we will invite you to come to Thailand with us!
The second massive action theme is in the form of a question from our podcast guest for next week, James Eder of The Beans Group and Causr app – listen to that podcast episode which we’ll publish next week, I promise it will be awesome.  James quoted from The Naked Leader by David Taylor and asked “If you know you can’t fail, what would you do?”.
Such a powerful question and I would really be interested in your answer.  In fact, please leave a comment with what you would do, if you knew you could not fail.  I think the power in this question, lies not in a generic answer that one might give right now, but in asking it a key times, such as when faced with a decision.  So for example, recently when I was presented with an opportunity to connect with Michael E Gerber, and wondered if I could get him on my podcast as a guest, I could have listened to my inner voice that said “Michael doesn’t even know who you are.  He is famous, and won’t have time for someone he doesn’t know and has never met!”.  Instead, answering the question “What would you do if you know you can’t fail?” I invited him to the podcast and the rest is history!
So, what would you do if you know you can’t fail?
The third massive action theme is also courtesy of James and next week’s interview, and it’s an idea I had prompted by the story of how James came to develop his Causr app.  This is going to involve a challenge to all my listeners, and I’m going to participate too.  I’ll work out the details in time for next week’s episode of the podcast, but in summary, it will involve speaking to one total stranger every day for the next 30 days.  Not just saying hello, but getting to know something about them and finding out how you can help them – just in some small way, doesn’t have to be huge. The intent is to foster connections and networking and who knows, it may lead to something really BIG!  So watch out for next week’s episode, where I’ll outline the details, together with how we’ll hold you accountable (and myself too!), perhaps a hashtag of some sort to post on Facebook or Twitter – heck, let’s start a movement!
Finally, I promised you more information on our magical goal setting and planning retreat – to help business owners design an awesome year for their business. This event is at the end of May, it will be in a wonderful tropical island paradise, off Phuket in Thailand, where, in just 5 days, you’ll build a plan that will turbo-charge your business and enable you to confidently predict and then achieve your results for the next 12 months. The focus will be on results and on making goal setting and planning – fun. And how could it not be fun in such a splendid location. The event is called My BEST YEAR YET, and it is a hands on program, developed and led by 5 masterful business owners who have the capability, focus, power and drive to truly succeed.
Wrap Up:
I hope you enjoyed this episode and that there was something of value there for you.
All the show notes for this episode will be at, that is the numbers 62,, there you’ll find the links and everything we spoke about in this episode .
Thank you for listening.  Pop over to iTunes or Stitcher or Pocket Casts and subscribe so you’ll never miss a future episode.  While you’re there, you might leave us a review, because reviews help us get found and your feedback helps us improve.  If there is anything you’d like us to cover, or questions you want answered on a future InnovaBuzz podcasts, please send them to us.
Until next time, I’m Jürgen Strauss from Innovabiz.
Remember, if you don’t innovate, you stagnate, so think big, be adventurous and keep innovating!


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