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Susan James

Susan James, Self Discovery Group

In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Susan James, self-discovery trainer and Co-Founder, The Self Discovery Techniques & Life Mastery Process. Susan trains her clients in the most direct and effective experiential tools and techniques to develop limitless Self, Life, and Business Mastery. They do that through the Workshops and one-on-one Personal Training that make up the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process. 

The Self Discovery Techniques and Life Mastery Process have taken self-empowerment to whole new heights. It has created an “Evolution Revolution”!

In our discussion, Susan talked to me about:

  • How to quieten your mind and focus your attention
  • Intuition and self-awareness
  • The skills of the future

Eric Rogell in episode 407 introduced us to Susan.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

The purpose of life is to fulfill our potential. Mastering ourselves, our attention, mind, and emotions, as well as making our reality deliverable is the way to experience the purpose of life. Susan James on #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

Show Notes from this episode with Susan James of Self Discovery Group

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • Everything that we know is what’s got us to this point in life. But in order to move forward, thrive, and really win in the future, we need to master a new set of skills.
  • The self-discovery process is all about mastering the skills to be human.
  • The Self Discovery Life Mastery process teaches very simple skills to operate and live from a quiet mind and be aware of your limiting beliefs. 
  • We all have beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality. 
  • In order to create new beliefs, you have be aware and let go of the beliefs that may have served you in the past but are no longer be serving you right now.
  • We live in a universe that is dual in nature. We can’t have a day without the night. We can’t have good without the bad. We can’t have happiness without sadness. In order to get to tomorrow, we need to get through the night.
  • The greatest success stories that exist in this world are from those people who have experienced the greatest hardships and have learned to manage their challenges.
  • Challenges are opportunities to grow.
  • Managing your attention is a critical component in self discovery because attention creates our reality.
  • The more attention that you give to something, the bigger it becomes.
  • We all have our own unique perceptions. You could say one thing to two people and one of them will think it’s terrible but the other one will think it’s wonderful.
  • The greatest fear of the mind is the unknown, and the greatest challenge in life is being able to master one’s self. In order to experience the unknown, you have to be able master being present and aware of yourself and the things around you.
  • The purpose of life is to fulfill our potential. Mastering ourselves, our attention, mind, and emotions, as well as making our reality deliverable is the way to experience the purpose of life.
  • You can’t do anything about the things you prefer not to experience as much of, if you don’t understand how you function. The more that you understand how you function and the more experiential tools and techniques you have that you are able to put into practice, the more that you can master yourself. 
  • Being able to manage your attention and being present are two of the most important skills to have.
  • There are 2 ways to live life. You can live it in your head thinking about your way through it or you can be alive and present in the moment, and live life with passion, purpose, and fulfilment. 
  • Self discovery is all about discovering yourself and what’s important in your life – what you are on this planet for?
  • Every single one of us has a very unique purpose.
  • Every single challenge we create as humanity, we create it because we want to find the solution.
  • Take time to unplug. Get out to nature. Find a strategy that works right for you. 
  • The 7 Sacred Core Values are courage, honesty, integrity, commitment, duty, honour, and love. The Courage to be more Honest creates greater Integrity. And that is the evidence that we uphold our Commitment to the highest Duty; to Honour ourselves and others with Love.
  • It takes great courage to be honest and express one’s self. Courage doesn’t mean being fearless. It means being scared yet taking the action to step forward towards your dreams or whatever it is that you want to create. 
  • Learning strategies to slow yourself down is critical.
  • The best moment is the moment you are in. The end will always turn out just fine when you are present in the moment and experience you are having right now.
  • Slow down and ask yourself these questions:
    • What type of person do I want to become?
    • What kind of people do I want to be around?
    • What kind of world do I want to live in?
    • What will my legacy be – how will I make a difference?
  • We are all here to make a difference. You are somebody who knows in your heart that you are here to make a difference. You may not very well quite know what that is, but as you keep moving forward and living the life you’ve created, you are going to be led to where it is or what it is that you are here to do.
  • It’s all about feelings. Everything in life is about how you feel, and the more you can connect to what it is that you really want to feel, the more on track you are going to be.
  • As you learn to quieten the mind, you can hear your intuitive wisdom, that is unique to all of us.
  • Responding or taking action from the mind is very different than responding from the heart. It’s always important to think about whether you are acting out of inspiration and intuition or desperation and irritation.
  • Intuition, as with vision and purpose, comes from whatever it is that is unique to you.
  • Life is the only time when you get the test before the lesson. We are all here to learn the lesson that we are here to learn, and the more that we accelerate and integrate those lessons, the more we can have our attention on our purpose.
  • Everything in life is either an expression of love or a cry for love.
  • Attention is another word for love. 
  • Everybody is looking for attention. The challenge is you really can’t get attention from others. There is only one person that you can really get attention from and that is yourself. If your bottle of attention is empty, then, you’ll just keep running around creating drama and sucking it from anywhere you can get it.
  • The number one most important thing is getting to know yourself. Discover yourself and give yourself enough attention.
  •  The more selfish you are, the more selfless you can be. The more you listen to yourself and the more you give yourself what it is that you want, the more you can be there for others.
  • Pain, disappointment, loss, and sadness are all part of life. How fast you can integrate them to get back on track to what it is that you are here to do is what truly matters.
  • There’s a lot of pain in this world, and the more you can integrate it and embrace it, the more joy, abundance, and love you will have.
  • Self Discovery Life Mastery envisions an enlightened civilization – a world where love prevails, challenges are handled with wisdom, and humanity as a whole abounds with joy, growth, and freedom. Cooperation is a standard practice. Prosperity abounds. Governments act in the interest of the highest good of people. Creativity flows. Health and well-being are normal states of being for the masses. Everyone on earth has food to eat and all basic needs are met. Nature is supported and cared for by mankind, and mankind aligns with nature. Mankind supports each other in attaining their highest and best.
  • Every single one of us has the 7 sacred core values. The more attention we have on those things, the more we become it.
It's all about feelings. Everything in life is about how you feel, and the more you can connect to what it is that you really want to feel, the more on track you are going to be. Susan James on #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Susan’s answers to the questions of our innovation round. Listen to the conversation to get the full scoop.

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative – Learn how to quieten the mind. Be connected to a vision and purpose. 
  2. Best thing for new ideas – Quieten the mind. The only way you can tap into something new is beyond you. Start with a vision and keep that vision burning in your heart.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation – Self-awareness. Everything in life changes, but self-awareness, connection to who you really are, stillness, silence, and source are eternal. The more you tap into self-awareness, the more everything comes secondary.
  4. Keep project/client on track –  Remind them of their ideals, vision, and purpose. Remind them of who they really are. We are not our beliefs about ourselves. We are far greater than any of those.
  5. Differentiate – Be yourself. There is nobody like you on the planet. The more you are just being yourself, present, aware, and here now, the more everything works. 

To Be a Leader

Listen to your intuition. Notice what shows up in your reality and follow the line. Do any way in which you can connect to yourself. Do whatever you can to grow. Life is all about growing so do whatever you can to enrich your life.

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Cool Things About Susan

  • She’s been a Self Discovery Life Mastery trainer since 2002
  • She owned a chocolate import company/bakery in the 1980’s.
  • She studied at Wentworth Milton Mount.
Do any way in which you can connect to yourself. Do whatever you can to grow. Life is all about growing so do whatever you can to enrich your life. Susan James on #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

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