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Reflections-Vanuatu FFBM2018

Reflections on FFBM2018 – Vanuatu

In today’s podcast, Jürgen and Joanne Clark of Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training, reflect on the recent First Fast Business Mastery Summit 2018 (FFBM2018) in Vanuatu. They recount the journey they went through alongside like minded businesses and the lessons they took away from running the event. Learn the importance of being creative in your business and find out how you can join the FFBM Summit in 2019.

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FFBM2018 - Vanuatu

Show Notes

Key points and take-aways from this episode on Reflections on FFBM2018 – Vanuatu

  • Planning is fun

    One of the challenges that particularly small business owners have is planning. It’s great to see that the strategy we implemented during last year’s Summit, has worked a treat in terms of getting small business owners to really be able to focus on planning their business in a way that is both fun and effective in delivering results.

  • Disney Creativity Process

    Inspired by Walt Disney, this strategy has been modeled by NLP expert Robert Dils in 1994. It is a fabulous framework for focused thinking. We went through the whole Disney Creativity Process, starting off with a big picture vision, thinking about where each business owner wants to be in 10 years time and working on vision, values, ideal client and turning it into a video marketing message based on the plan that they had built.

  • Away from day to day activities – the importance of environment

    Getting into a relaxing and fun environment is a great way for business owners to step away from the day to day activities of working in their business and have a bit more of a helicopter view of what is going on and what the future might hold. Being able to come away and really feel spoiled after spending time in a beautiful environment enables them to focus on being creative with their business.

  • Using different modalities

    Using all the different modalities – vision, hearing, feeling, auditory, digitalizing, and analyzing things, means that no matter what your strength is, you have the opportunity to really be inspired and capture the information in a way that works for you. Going out of your comfort zone brings you into a creative process and a different way of thinking about the what’s important in the business and in your life.

  • Accelerated learning (modelling)

    Modelling is a really powerful accelerated learning strategy. It is embeded in the NLP Training structure. Bringing that structure into FFBM2018, made it a lot easier for people to succeed at what they are learning and building in terms of what they have not done before, because they have seen it being done by others. When they come back, the questions they ask are much more relevant and precise because they are based on experience. They notice where there are gaps and that always accelerates learning, because you can see where you still need to build your competence.

  • You learn what you teach

    The pathway to mastery for yourself is to be teaching others. People who came on the first year and then came back on the second year modelled for the new participants the activities that they have done in the previous year, which definitely consolidated the mastery, understanding, and structure around their business plan. They were also able to transfer the vision, purpose and the journey that the business is on, effectively to their team, so everybody is on the same bus.

  • First Fast Business Mastery Summit 2019

    Aside from possible locations, some of the things we talked about doing next year is looking at where the gaps are in terms of business growth, and a structure for translating the plan into an implementation document. We are also thinking of going home with a marketing product locked, loaded and ready to launch in the suitcase. Of course, we plan to include other exciting activities like horse riding, swimming or a sunset cruise where the participants can really savour the environment and spend time with like minded businesses. To pre-register interest for the First Fast Business Mastery Summit 2019, click the link below.

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Creative Space FFBM2018

FFBM2018 – Vanuatu Highlights

  • Having the previous participants from 2017 remodelling for the new participants and seeing how well that worked for both of them and how well that added to the process.
  • The beautiful venue and facilities definitely helped people when they do not have to deal with logistics or problems in the relatively short time.
  • Getting creative and looking forward to next year’s summit.

Step away from the day to day running of your business! Get together with like minded businesses in a tropical environment and discover new possibilities to drive and grow your business. Visit First Fast Business Mastery Summit 2019 to register your interest.


The pathway to mastery for yourself is to be teaching others. @innovabiz on #InnovaBuzz Podcast Click To Tweet

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