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Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones, Exactly What to Say

In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Phil M. Jones, a serial entrepreneur, business growth expert, and bestselling author of Exactly What to Say, Exactly How to Sell, and Exactly Where to Start. Phil started his first business, a car washing business when he was 14 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

After years of being one of the most in-demand young sales leaders in the UK, including being awarded the “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing” award, Phil decided to dedicate his future to helping other people succeed by taking everything he had learnt and created a one-day workshop in which he trained thousands of people all about leadership, sales, and business growth.

Phil’s unique wisdom of using certain word choices in teaching his audiences on exactly what to say to impact other people and drive outcomes, made him one of the most practical and in-demand business speakers today.

In our conversation, Phil talked to me about:

  • Understanding the context of conversations and being strategically curious
  • The relentless quest for better
  • Preparing for exactly what to say before the conversation

Ruben Kanya in episode 479 introduced us to Phil.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

Certainty leads to confidence in a conversation, and the only thing that will get you to certainty is curiosity. @PhilMJonesUK on #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

Show Notes from this episode with Phil M Jones, Author of Exactly What to Say

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • The key to increasing success in every area of life is to ask better questions.
  • The difference between success and failure is often knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and making more of those conversations count.
  • The difference between influence and manipulation is based on integrity.
  • “With great power comes great responsibility.” The same thing is true with our ability to influence. We can use it to achieve great outcomes or to get people to believe a lie.
  • We all have the power to influence good conversations.
  • Most people are looking to be led. They’re looking for somebody to step into the role of a leader who will lead them towards a better place.
  • The opposite of influence is abdication.
  • Influence with integrity is one of the most helpful skills that any human being can have. You just have to be emotionally aware that it’s a powerful position and there is a responsibility that comes with it.
  • Starting a meaningful conversation is like a game of tennis before it starts to keep score.
  • Avoid over answering. Provide a space for the other person to give enough context about their world too, then give them enough context about yours in order to achieve a common ground.
  • Be strategically curious to reach a point in context. It is when you understand the other person’s context that you’ll get closer to having empathy and seeing the world through their eyes.
  • Be strategically curious when you meet somebody for the first time. Find out who that person is to you, so you can find out who you are to them.
  • Strategic curiosity is finding the outcome in the quickest amount of time.
  • Certainty leads to confidence in a conversation, and the only thing that will get you to certainty is curiosity.
  • Bring a conversation to close by showing immense gratitude. Thank the person for what they shared, give them a nice compliment, and then move quickly to what you want to do next.
  • Write a letter to yourself to create ultimate accountability. Write a letter to yourself on the day that you decide to do something and when you want that thing done. Give that letter to somebody you trust and ask them to put it in your mailbox around that time in the future.
  • Take the time to rethink what success really looks like – what will work, what will not work, and how that plays to yourself.
  • The enemy of great work is good work.
  • There’s not a right or wrong way to do things. Nothing will either work or fail. Everything eventually succeeds, so allow yourself to add more context and create those levels of success.
  • Curiosity allows failure to exist. And where failure exists, success will flourish.
  • A mistake is something you did know how to do and ended up doing it wrong. It’s something you can avoid. What you learn from a mistake is that you should have been better prepared.
  • Failure comes from trying to do something that you’ve never done before and getting a result that is different from the one that you hoped for. It’s how any of us have learned to do anything.
  • Learn not to trust the word “best”. What it means in the real world is not what it’s supposed to mean in the dictionary. It suppresses performance when used as an excuse.
  • Shift your focus from “best” to “better” so that you can create a place that will allow you to surpass your current best.
  • The conversation that you have with yourself after you’ve done something is more important than the action itself.
  • One of the simplest things that you can do that create rapid progress is to list the things that you like best (LB) and things that you’ll do differently next time (NT). The things that you like best are what will cement your positive habits whilst the things that you’ll do differently next time become those engaging and empowering, forward-thinking attributes that you can change for growth in a future scenario.
  • Ask your audience questions that they can carry forward. Give them precise actions or steps that they can take that will allow the conversation to live on after the conversation.
  • The worst time to think about anything you’re going to say is in the moment when you’re saying it.
  • The power of rhetorical questions is huge.
  • Human beings love challenges.
  • If you meet somebody and you like what they’re about, buy a piece of their work or find them on their social channel. Connect with them and let them know what you liked about them.
  • Doing anything that can expand the lens that you’re looking at a scenario through, naturally encourages you to be more innovative.
The worst time to think about anything you're going to say is in the moment when you're saying it. @PhilMJonesUKon #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round 

Here are Phil’s answers to the questions of our innovation round. Listen to the conversation to get the full scoop.

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative – Live life from the relentless quest for better. Understand that there’s always a better way to do just about everything. Stay focused on trying to find it.
  2. Best thing for new ideas – Surround yourself with people who are more talented than you and be brave enough to add diversity to your work.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation – iPhone and AirPods
  4. Keep project/client on track –  Make sure that they stay in love with the work and there’s enough enthusiasm towards the outcome.
  5. Differentiate – Go big on the little thing. True differentiation comes from finding the little thing that is you and only you, and then going big. Bring your passion into your work.

To Be a Leader

The worst time to think about the thing you’re going to say is in the moment when you’re saying it. Do the work before the conversation so you can have more of those critical conversations in your life. Build yourself a standard of excellence so that you can be more present in those moments.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Phil through his website.

Suggested Guest

Phil suggested we have a conversation with Stephen M Shapiro, author of Invisible Solutions, and Melanie Deziel, author of The Content Fuel Framework. So Stephen and Melanie, keep an eye on your inboxes for an invitation from us to the InnovaBuzz Podcast, courtesy of Phil M Jones.


Cool Things About Phil

  • He’s the youngest ever winner of the British Excellence of Sales and Marketing Award.
  • He’s one of less than 200 living members of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.
  • He’s the innovator of the highly coveted “How to Persuade” Audible production.
Go big on the little thing. True differentiation comes from finding the little thing that is you and only you, and then going big. @PhilMJones on #InnovaBuzz Podcast Click To Tweet

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