Innovabuzz Podcast

Danny May

Danny May, Breaking Down the Global Language Barrier – InnovaBuzz 376

Danny May talks about Lingmo – an Ai app to improve communications across language barriers, overcoming challenges, and pushing the boundaries in the startup world.

Brooke Sellas

Brooke Sellas, How to Use Social Media to Create Amazing Customer Experiences – InnovaBuzz 375

Brooke Sellas talks about using social media to drive conversations and create amazing customer experiences.

Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki, How to Transform Your Business to Innovate for the Future – InnovaBuzz 374

Tendayi Viki talks about the three types of innovation, a balanced portfolio, and the importance of relationships to innovation.

Brenden Kumarasamy

Brenden Kumarasamy, How to Master the Art of Public Speaking – InnovaBuzz 373

Brenden Kumarasamy shares some tips and strategies to become a master in public speaking and delivering engaging presentations.

Mike Moll

Mike Moll, How to Turn Your Skillset into a Sustainable Business – InnovaBuzz 372

Mike Moll talks about turning your skillset into a sustainable business, solving people’s current problems and focusing on results and relationships.
building through video.

Jackson Millan

Jackson Millan, How to Build a Business That Serves Your Lifestyle – InnovaBuzz 371

Jackson Millan talks about focusing on the outcomes, productizing your services, and building a business that serves your lifestyle.

Lee Uehara

Lee Uehara, How to Stage a Successful Virtual Event – InnovaBuzz 370

Lee Uehara talks about the keys to staging a successful virtual event, keeping your vision in focus, and taking action.

John DeMato

John DeMato, The Power of Persuasive Visual Storytelling – InnovaBuzz 369

John DeMato talks about building an emotional connection with your dream clients through persuasive visual storytelling.

Dustin Miller

Dustin Miller, PolyInnovator: The Future of Learning and Education – InnovaBuzz 368

Dustin Miller talks about about his Personal PolyInnovation System, self-awareness and improvement, and Notion.