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Mel Engle

Mel Engle, Predictive Oncology

In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Mel Engle, CEO & Chairman of the Board at Predictive Oncology, a knowledge-driven company focused on applying artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery. Their mission: to eliminate cancer.

Mel has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in both the biotechnology and healthcare industries. He has served in top-level leadership positions in a variety of companies and has launched hundreds of products.

Mel has extensive experience in turning companies around, driving sales, setting and executing strategies and operating plans, business development, problem-solving, and developing high-performance teams.

In our conversation, Mel talked to me about:

  • Surrounding yourself with the best people
  • Posing the right questions
  • How to get meaningful feedback

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

Leadership is not something that we're born with. It's something that we learn. @MelEngle on #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

Show Notes from this episode with Mel Engle of Predictive Oncology

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • Predictive Oncology’s mission is to eliminate cancer. Predictive Oncology utlises data and artificial intelligence (Ai) to develop personalised medicine and drug discovery that can lead to more effective cancer treatments and patient outcomes.
  • Make sure that you have the right people in the right room at the right time to make the right decisions.
  • Surround yourself with as many people as possible that have different viewpoints, talents, and know-how.
  • Good stuff begets good stuff.
  • Building a high performance culture starts with attracting high-performing smart people into your organisation.
  • Focus on what the values of your company are and figure out how you can make them more prevalent.
  • Learn from your accomplishments and mistakes so that you can refine where you’re going.
  • There are always other options. Don’t get stuck in one way of doing things. Explore what else is out there!
  • Leadership is not something that we’re born with. It’s something that we learn. We need to be willing to learn from people who show us what leadership looks like and inspire us to follow them.
  • Leadership is a skill that can be learned through modelling and emulating those who have led you in the past.
  • Leadership is about getting your company to move in a positive direction.
  • There are lots of different ways to be a leader, but the most important thing for any leader would be making their team feel like they’re worthwhile and capable of achieving great things together with them.
  • Learn from your mistakes and get feedback from others. Ask your people – what should I stop doing, what should I start doing, and what can I do better.
Leadership is a skill that can be learned through modelling and emulating those who have led you in the past. @MelEngle on #InnovaBuzz podcast Click To Tweet

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round 

Here are Mel’s answers to the questions of our innovation round. Listen to the conversation to get the full scoop.

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative – Turn something upside down and shake it. If it’s broken it will fall out. Look at things with a different set of eyes.
  2. Favourite tool for innovation – Be resourceful
  3. Keep project/client on track –  Discipline. Be conscious about the overall use of your time and make sure that you’re always punctual.
  4. Differentiate – Share your ideas. Don’t keep them to yourself. Come forward with it and figure out a way to communicate it.

To Be a Leader

Never look back. Stop dwelling on the past and just keep going.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Mel through their website.

Cool Things About Mel

  • He is also a Director of WindGap Medical, a Boston-based start-up.
  • He’s an active community leader.
  • He holds a degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance.
Share your ideas. Don't keep them to yourself. Come forward with it and figure out a way to communicate it. @MelEngle on #InnovaBuzz Podcast Click To Tweet

Listen to the Podcast

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