InnovaBuzz Episode #71 – Innovation – Turning the Tables

InnovaBuzz Podcast 73

Innovation: Turning The Tables

In this episode of the InnovaBuzz Podcast, Mavis Taguba from Innovabiz interviews Jürgen Strauss and guides him through The Buzz – our Innovation Round designed to help our audience be even more awesome.

Find out how Jürgen answers the questions that he is usually on the asking side of in other podcast episodes.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

To be a leader, just lead - if necessary, go where no-one has gone before. @innovabiz on #InnovaBuzz Podcast Share on X

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Jürgen’s answers to the questions of our Innovation round. Listen to the interview to get the full scoop.

  • #1 thing to be more innovative – Listen to people – get to understand their challenges, issues and problems before you design a service or product.  Ask Why – Six Whys.  Also, observe what happens in nature, that often provides inspiration.
  • Best thing for new ideas – Same as 1 – ask a lot of questions when listening to people. In addition to that, I like to have reflection time – for example when on a long solo bike ride, my brain often comes up with ideas and approaches to things without even trying to think about the particular issue.
  • Favourite tool for innovation – Whilst I like my shiny new tools, Mindmapping is my absolute favourite.
  • Keep project / client on track – Being really clear up front on the expectations and delivering a great on-boarding experience.  Then ongoing constant communication.
  • Differentiate – Be yourself – you are the only one who has lived your “story”, share that story to help others and bring a servant’s heart to everything you do.

To Be a Leader

Don’t wait to be asked – if you want to be a leader, then lead!  As a lifelong Startrek fan, I’m all for “Going where no-one has gone before.”

Also, Alistair Michener on a recent podcast shared the mantra “Why not now and why not me?” which I’ve taken to heart.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Jürgen via Twitter (@innovabiz) and Email.  Mention this podcast.

Best of all, though, leave constructive comments, ideas and suggestions on the podcast blog posts in the comments section below the episodes.

Suggested Guest

Jürgen shared with us a list of impressive individuals, who he’d like to have on the InnovaBuzz podcast in future episodes:

  • Seth Godin
  • Tony Buzan
  • Steven Covey
  • Edward de Bono
  • Elon Musk

Whilst that might be ambitious, to say the least, when we started this podcast journey, little did we think that we could have Michael E Gerber on the podcast (Episode 54).  So when opportunity meets preparation and desire, who knows what is possible.

Seth, Tony, Steven, Edward, Elon – you know what will happen now (look out for that invite to the InnovaBuzz Podcast).


Bring a servant's heart, in everything you do - that's true leadership. @innovabiz on #InnovaBuzz Podcast Share on X

Listen to the Podcast

Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss is The World's Best Human-Centred Podcasting Coach and the only Podcast Innovator with the signature bright yellow headphones, who masterfully crafts human connection for high-impact achievers in a vibrant community. You can find Jürgen on LinkedIn, The InnovaBuzz Podcast, The Flywheel Nation Community as well as on Innovabiz' InstagramTwitter, Facebook pages and his personal Photography website.  

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