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Part 1: The Magic 500 Milestone

Time to blow the trumpets, pop the champagne and balloons, because we’ve reached the magic 500 milestone! I want to begin by thanking you, my wonderful audience, who have been on this journey with me, many of you since the very beginning. I also want to thank the 485 or so guests that I’ve had on the podcast. It’s been a privilege to learn from accomplished entrepreneurs all around the world on the InnovaBuzz podcast and I’m privileged to have you in my world!

In this very special – three-part – anniversary episode 500, I’m joined by a panel of previous guests for some fascinating conversations, that could lead in any direction.

In the first of the 3 parts, I’m joined by Audrey Holst, Aden Nepom, Kevin Perlmutter, Marc Halpert, Iggy Perillo, Jason Van Orden, and Neal Sperling.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

People are attached to brands that truly care for them and understand them. #InnovaBuzz podcast – Magic 500 Milestone Share on X

Show Notes from this special anniversary episode

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • The better we can have meaningful interactions with each other, the more we can celebrate our differences.
  • The more we can see each other as members of one collective human race, the better we’ll be.
  • Let’s start looking for similarities rather than differences.
  • Building affinity connections is a powerful choice.
  • Brands exist to make people’s live better.
  • People are attached to brands that truly care for them and understand them.
  • Everything is a system. A system without a sequence is still a system that is not yet perfected.
  • Great leaders use their emotional intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence enable leaders to become more productive. It makes everyone that works for them happier and more fulfilled.
  • Leaders are the pivotal points of influence in the lives of people around them.
  • The workplaces that we create have a huge influence on people’s lives.
  • WHY you do what you do matters more than what you do.
  • What you did in the past has made you to who you are today. Where you are today indicates where you might go in the future. Don’t be afraid to talk about these things because they’re the ones that make people interested in you.
  • Get out of the mindset that no one’s interested in you. You have to give people reasons to be interested in you not just based on your profile but based upon the content that you create, spread, and build conversations around.
  • Every tool you have gives you an opportunity to make an impression on somebody else. Let them know you’re in the moment and that you’re relevant.
  • Content creation is really about making authentic connections with people and letting people know who you are.
  • Social media is not a conversation. It’s just these little hits of connections which makes us feel we are doing something when we’re not really doing something.
  • Get back to the old-fashioned way of connecting with people. Pick up the phone and have a conversation with somebody.
  • Businesses have huge desires for collaboration. People want to be with each other and work together in a collaborative way.
  • The most successful relationships are the ones where people are authentic and real about who they are.
  • People want to be spoken to as humans. They want to be acknowledged. They want to feel that you understand what they’re all about.
  • Building relationships is all about feeling understood and cared for. It’s having a conversation with the other person in mind.
  • Stop complicating things. Reduce everything to the simplest level of complexity.
  • You can choose your own adventure. You don’t have to force situations to figure everything out. Think about the most optimal project with the most optimal people that would create the most optimal results and focus on that.
  • Democratization and de-essentializing are both very disruptive forces.
  • Decision making can be quite clouded by noise. Noise is everything. It’s distraction. It’s people’s opinions.
  • There are tons of noise in a collaboration. Having somebody who can show you how to use noise to your advantage and cut through it is really important.
  • Forget about all the shiny little objects that everyone is clinging to. The way to differentiate yourself and become memorable to other people is to add value and content that is useful to everyone.
  • Don’t add a 5th leg to a chair when it only needs 4. Complexity does not make things better. If you’re doing it right and it’s working, then focus more the thing that got you to that success. Capitalise on those ingredients instead of making it more complex.
  • The only thing that great leaders have in common is their ability to inspire followers.
  • You’re always in beta so embrace it. You’re never going to be a finished product in this environment and that’s okay.
  • The more people you connect to that are quality connections, the further your reach will go.
  • It’s I to the power of WE.
  • Before you add somebody as a connection, figure out if they’re going to add value to you and if you can add value to them. Once you can figure out the ratio, then you can have a new connection that can really influence you.
  • It’s important for all of us to have a big picture view and understand where we fit in. When you have clarity and context around the big picture, where you are now and where you’re going, you can make better decisions from a ten-thousand-foot view.
  • Change is inevitable. Progress is not.
  • It’s how we relate to each other that makes the difference between simply being tossed by the tides of change and making a positive impact on the future.
  • Let’s not see each other as enemies because we have different points of view. Let’s embrace those differences as an added value to lives that gives us more perspective and more clarity.
  • Let’s share our expertise and materials with one another. Let’s comment on each other’s post. That’s how we create a community.
It's how we relate to each other that makes the difference between simply being tossed by the tides of change and making a positive impact on the future. #InnovaBuzz podcast – The Magic 500 Milestone Share on X


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Building relationships is all about feeling understood and cared for. It's having a conversation with the other person in mind. #InnovaBuzz Podcast – Magic 500 Milestone Share on X

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