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InnovaBuzz Episode #101 – Luria Petrucci, Live Streaming Pros

Luria Petrucci, Live Streaming Pros

Luria Petrucci, Live Streaming Pros

In this episode, I’m excited to welcome to the InnovaBuzz podcast Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros. Luria has appeared on TV shows, hosted corporate livestream events and is an expert in using video to grow and market any business.

Mike Morrison of the Membership Guys on Episode 93 recommended we interview Luria, so here we are.

Of course, we talked about the power of video to build relationships and share content, as well as the benefits of live video. Listen to the podcast to find explore the power of video.

You have way more content in you than you could ever imagine. @LuriaPetrucci @LSPHQ on #InnovaBuzz Click To Tweet

Listen to the Podcast

Show Notes from this episode with Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • Podcasting and video give everyone a voice on the internet. If you contribute useful content, you’ll grow an audience.
  • Live video allows a deeper connection with people. You can get a conversation happening in real time, which is so much more powerful than recorded video, audio or the printed word.
  • If you are afraid of live video or shy – get over yourself and just do it.  Focus on your audience and serve them with exceptionally useful information. Practice and learn and improve.  Keep doing it regularly.
  • People don’t see you the way you see you. Practice is needed to perfect yourself in recording videos. Make a structure of how you can go about that and then add your magic on top of that.
  • Q and A episodes are incredibly helpful in providing information and areas of focus that will add value to your audience.
  • 2018 is the “Year of Implementation” for Live Streaming Pros.
  • Having a live video screen together with presentations on video really boosts conversion rates – the personal connection available through live video is very powerful.
  • To produce more content, start journaling.  Anytime you think of something, write it down.  Look at your frequently asked questions, this is an incredibly rich source of content. You have way more content in you than you could possibly imagine.
  • Repetition of your content is not only OK, it is actually necessary!  Different people hear things in a different way and at different times, so you need to reach people at different times.
  • With regard to the technology – take it step by step.  Luria calls that “layering”.  Get one layer right, then add another layer of complexity.
  • Narrowing your focus, to your specific target audience will generate more growth, and allow you to help your audience get results from your work.
You have to get out of your head and get over yourself and start thinking like your audience and wonder what they are wondering. @LuriaPetrucci @LSPHQ on #InnovaBuzz Click To Tweet

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Luria’s answers to the questions of our Innovation round. Listen to the interview to get the full scoop.

  • #1 thing to be more innovative – Pay attention to the things that are happening around you and be aware!
  • Best thing for new ideas – First, take time for myself, to allow my brain to “be quiet”. And ask people and talk to people to understand where they are coming from.
  • Favourite tool for innovation – Taskworld.  It is a combination of Trello and Slack.
  • Keep project / client on track – Just constantly check in with yourself and see if you are still progressing towards your goals.
  • Differentiate – Push the limits, try new strategies and explore new ideas.  It’s all about “your magic” and what about you appeal to people.

To Be a Leader

Don’t focus so much on the hows or the whats of things you want to get done – just start doing it!

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Luria via the Live Streaming Pros live show at livestreamingpros.live. Also please let Luria know what you’ve taken out of this episode, by posting on social media and tagging her.

Suggested Guest

Luria suggested I interview Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, on a future InnovaBuzz podcast.

So Mike, keep an eye on your inbox, for an invitation from us to the InnovaBuzz podcast, courtesy of Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros.

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Cool things about Luria:

  • She was shy as a kid but is now an internet personality with about 221,000 followers on Twitter.
  • She has a Klout score of 78, which is due to the prodigious amount of content she produces.
  • She’s also a proud, self-confessed geek.
Repetition of your content is not only OK, it is actually necessary! @LuriaPetrucci @LSPHQ on #InnovaBuzz Click To Tweet

Listen to the Podcast

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