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In this episode, Jürgen discusses Frameworks and why they are important and useful.  We show examples of some frameworks, such as the 4-MAT framework for constructing content, a framework for digital marketing and a framework for content marketing. Why, even this podcast is built around a framework!

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Hi, I’m Jürgen Strauss from Innovabiz.   Welcome to Episode No 64 of the InnovaBuzz Podcast designed to help smart businesses with an interest in innovation become even more innovative.

The theme of this week’s podcast is Frameworks

  • Benefits: Frameworks are a great way to save time and make things easy.  They keep tasks consistent, but following the same framework.
  • Did you ever do jigsaw puzzles?  My strategy, handed down over generations no doubt, was to find the four corners and then lay out the four edges, where each of those pieces would have a straight edge.  Once the “frame” was in place, the rest was much easier.  This is an example of a Framework.
  • Simon Sinek said of Frameworks: “Rule books tell people WHAT to do.  Frameworks guide people how to act.  Rule books insist on discipline.  Frameworks allow for creativity.”
  • So, do you prefer making it up as you go OR follow framworks?  Which do you think would serve you better and allow you to produce better results?


Examples of Frameworks

4-Mat framework for presentations

  • provides structure
  • talks to all listener styles
  • Content setup under key headings Why – What – How – What If
  • Each section has subsections – e.g. Why –
    • benefits
    • story
    • quote
    • contrast
    • quesion
      (sound familiar?)
  • So imagine if you used this framework and could construct a presentation, or indeed a podcast or perhaps a blog post, in 10 minutes. Would that be useful?


3 Step Digital Marketing Framework

  • By following this framework – easy to build a highly effective digital marketing system that delivers exceptional results on a consistent and ongoing basis.
  • In today’s inter-connected world, where everyone has an online presence and consumers have information at their fingertips 24/7, it’s vitally important for a business to be doing highly effective digital marketing and be constantly generating leads.  Unfortunately, most businesses find this tough to do.
  • The Framework
    • Attract – where your focus is on getting to know your target customers, attracting their interest and beginning to build a relationship with them
    • Nurture – where your focus is on educating your target customers about every aspect of your business, product, service, industry. In this phase, your aim is to become the trusted authority for your target customer.
    • Convert – where your focus is on making your offer, converting your leads into paying customers and then delivering even more value than they are expecting, so that they’ll return for more products or services.
  • More detail about the Framework and on the blog post
  • By following this clear framework: Attract – Nurture – Convert, you can easily build your own highly effective digital marketing strategy and tactics that will deliver you exceptional results.


Content Marketing Framework

  • This content marketing framework makes content creation (blogging) easier and highly effective in generating leads and converting customers.
  • Because content marketing is so important, we need to make it easier, quicker, more effective!
  • The Framework
    • Begin with the end in mind. What do I want for my audience? How will I help them achieve that?
    • Call to Action – tell the audience what the next step is that they should do to move forward
    • Entry offer – product or service that is an easy entry for the audience and helps build the relationship
    • Educate with exceptionally valuable content
  • imagine, using this framework and constructing an epic blog post in around 30 minutes, with a clear structure that gets your audience engaged and taking action. Would that be useful?

So Frameworks are a great way to

  • save time
  • make things easy
  • keep consistent
  • did I mention making things easier and saving time

We use frameworks all the time at Innovabiz

  • Marketing funnel framework as shared in Episode 62
  • even this podcast runs within a framework
  • and frameworks assist in helping you build automated workflows from your frameworked systems.


  • internet upgrade action as a result
  • learnt about knee and hip replacement types (full replacement vs ceramic caps)
  • new opportunities

Finally, I wanted to remind listeners about our magical goal setting and planning retreat – to help business owners design an awesome year for their business. This event is at the end of May from 26-31, it will be in a wonderful tropical island paradise, off Phuket in Thailand, where, in just 5 days, you’ll build a plan that will turbo-charge your business and enable you to confidently predict and then achieve your results for the next 12 months. The focus will be on results and on making goal setting and planning – fun. And how could it not be fun in such a splendid location. The event is called My BEST YEAR YET, and it is a hands on program, developed and led by 5 masterful business owners who have the capability, focus, power and drive to truly succeed.  To find out more about this Best Year Yet event, we’ll be hosting a series of Webinars in March and I’ll provide more details about that soon. In the meantime, you can email me, if you want further information.   Wrap Up:I hope you enjoyed this episode and that there was something of value there for you.  All the show notes for this episode will be at, that is the numbers 64,, there you’ll find the links and everything we spoke about in this episode.   Thank you for listening.  Pop over to iTunes or Stitcher or Pocket Casts and subscribe so you’ll never miss a future episode.  While you’re there, you might leave us a review, because reviews help us get found and your feedback helps us improve.  If there is anything you’d like us to cover, or questions you want answered on a future InnovaBuzz podcasts, please send them to us.   Until next time, I’m Jürgen Strauss from Innovabiz.  Remember, if you don’t innovate, you stagnate, so think big, be adventurous and keep innovating!


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