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Colin Gray, The Podcast Host

Colin Gray, The Podcast Host

In this episode, I’m really excited to welcome to the InnovaBuzz podcast, Colin Gray, Founder of The Podcast Host, speaker, educator, and host of the Podcraft Podcast.

The Podcast Host helps businesses to launch, grow, and profit from their podcast, through active, effective courses and production series. It’s flagship series “Podcraft” is a season based show which teaches the art of podcasting from launching a show to growing a legion of fanatical fans.

I’ve been a listener to Podcraft for a couple of years now and have learnt a lot from it. Of course, we talked about podcasting and using podcasting for marketing, education, and as one of the three pillars of content marketing.

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Show Notes from this episode with Colin Gray, The Podcast Host

Key points and take-aways from this episode include:

  • The advantage of podcasting is really the attention. You get the engagement. People get to know you and like you. They grow to love you through podcasting because they not only hear the real you, but they are listening to you. It is the combination of attention and engagement, combined with your personality, the transparency and honesty that comes across the audio medium.
  • Podcasting grows huge fans of you and your brand. It grows huge trust. People grow to know you and trust you. Fans are those people who will really buy your product and help you promote your product to others. They will be real advocates of the work you do.
  • The kind of honesty, transparency and the intimacy that comes through audio is really powerful. It builds relationships. People feel they know you as a friend as opposed to a personality on screen.
  • Podcasting helps you learn. Interviewing guests is like getting on an hour of consultation, and you are growing your network in that way as well.
  • Hostile Worlds is an audio drama podcast that explores the universe.
  • A series based format creates really well structured material. It creates a bag of resources with big solid chunky pieces of material, and it makes you look good because you get authority.
  • Planning ahead helps you do batch processing, which makes things easier and more sustainable.
  • Live sessions can contribute to a better show if you are doing it right.
  • There are two things that help adults learn most effectively. The first is we have to know why they are learning. You need to give them purpose. Give them direction. Tell them what’s coming and why it is useful to them. The next thing is if it has an effect in their life.
  • Intro, Theory and Task make a good learning experience.
  • Podcasting can be worthwhile to any business if it is done well. It is the best way to create engagement, to grow trust, and to grow a fan base around your business.
  • Podcast listeners are worth more than blog readers in terms of conversion numbers.
  • Any business can make podcasting work. It works really well alongside the other mediums.
  • The way to get over procrastination is keeping it simple. Plan on a season. Take the most common question asked by your audience, and answer that as your first season. Break that down into five to ten episodes and just keep it really simple. That first ten episodes is for finding out what you really want to talk about. It is about finding your voice and finding those first few listeners who will really tell you what they want to hear about. Keep it raw, ready and simple, and build up that habit of recording every single week and planning ahead of time.
Podcast listeners are worth more than blog readers in terms of conversion numbers. @ThePodcastHost on #InnovaBuzz podcast Share on X

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Colin’s answers to the questions of our Innovation round. Listen to the interview to get the full scoop.

  • #1 thing to be more innovative – Be open minded to try lots of different things. To be innovative and creative, you need to know different things. You need to be an artist as well as a technologist. You need to be a surfer as well as coder. Creativity is being able to apply one industry to another completely unrelated industry. It is a combination of things that makes creativity. It is not being completely original. It is about combining existing things that may otherwise be not obvious to combine.
  • Best thing for new ideas – Knowing the pains that people are experiencing so that you can come up with a solution.
  • Favourite tool for innovation –
  • Keep project / client on track – Regular meetings and catch ups. Writing down and communicating, and dissecting the last meeting at the current meeting. Be really pedantic about logging what you are planning. Review that log and make sure exactly when you are going to do it.
  • Differentiate – Find your unique combination of skills. Find the things that make you unique in particular. It is about finding those pieces of your history that may seem quite unrelated. The thing you have been passionate about kind of apply to what you do now. Add personality and differentiation to it, and just create a different approach.

To Be a Leader

Ask questions. Ask your customers. Talk to people. Find out what the biggest problem they are having is. Find that problem you can solve, and then find your solution, something quick and easy that you can get out there to start building traction. And more importantly, think about uniqueness. If you can solve those three parts, and you can validate them by talking to customers and making sure that really is the problem they have, the solution they want, and the uniqueness that they are attracted towards. As soon as you have that, you have a successful business.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Colin through his website, and on Twitter – @ThePodcastHost

Suggested Guest

Colin suggested I interview Mark Asquith, Founder of Excellence Expected. So Mark, keep an eye on your inbox, for an invitation from us to the InnovaBuzz podcast, courtesy of Colin Gray. 


Cool things about Colin:

  • He is an Astrophysicist.
  • He wrote the books “How to Podcast: A Simple Guide” and “The What Mountain Bike Guide”.
  • He was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2015, hosted by Abertay University.
Planning ahead really helps you do that much processing, which makes things easier and more sustainable. @ThePodcastHost on #InnovaBuzz podcast Share on X

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