Top 21 Up-and-Coming Photography Sites to Watch (and Learn!)

If you are into website photography, you would always want to compare your work to whatever is out there – hoping that you are not too far from the top best photography websites. Here’s a collection of the good ones in the eyes of an expert himself, regardless of who made them:


Top 21 Up-and-Coming Photography Sites to Watch (and Learn!)

“Here, I will use “up-and-coming” to mean websites that are not yet household names (such as Digital Photography School, Strobist, or Scott Kelby’s Blog) even if the sites are already somewhat popular. There were 5 criteria by which I judged the (literally thousands) of
photography instructional sites: (1) The content must be updated atleast weekly, (2) The author has to be competent, (3) The content mustbe unique and informative, (4) The site must be both user-friendly andnot filled with ads, and (5) I have to have learned something by reading the site.”

It’s interesting to know that even professional photography website developers are also looking forward to learn from every good website they encounter. This collection proves that newcomers can very well compete with the industry’s established makers – given the right techniques and site maintenance capabilities.



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