Build Your Photography Business with SmugMug for WordPress


One of the many challenges in creating a photography website is the storage capability of your site using WordPress. In the world of technology, it’s always beneficial to be abreast with new developments in your field. Do you know that there’s already a plugin combining the excellent features of Smugmug and WordPress? Read more…


Build Your Photography Business with SmugMug for WordPress

“Many professional photographers have been using SmugMug for archiving and showcasing their work, and now this powerhouse service is available for use on your  WordPress site. Don’t worry about overloading your servers with massive photo galleries. SmugMug for WordPress is a new plugin that uses SmugMug’s unlimited storage  quota for all your uploads and image storage while seamlessly integrating with your WordPress installation.”

Smugmug plus WordPress equals a whole lot of new features that is a must for photography sites – and take note, you can avail of it for free!



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