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YOUR website generates leads, converts customers and makes people want to share the content.

  • More website visitors = MORE LEADS
  • Your visitors take action = MORE CLIENTS, MORE SALES
  • Your website shared = MORE REFERRALS
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  • You want to work with someone who speaks YOUR language, not Geek Speak!
  • You want to work with someone who knows about business and can translate your business and marketing goals into an online package that delivers results.
  • You want to win more business,  not website design awards.
  • You know that internet marketing is a science, not an art. As such it can be measured and adjusted to deliver results.
  • You like to have fun and enjoy the journey!


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Is YOUR website is feeling neglected? Let us CARE for it, to make sure it is delivering you sales.


On the 1st July I will be celebrating an annual growth in my business net profit of just over 47%. Fundamental to this massive success has been the work of Dr Jürgen Strauss from Innovabiz.

Jürgen's design, development and implementation of a comprehensive and tailored digital marketing strategy for my business has delivered consistent and rapid growth. Year on year I rely on Innovabiz to take care of my online marketing and, lets face it, the bottom line results say it all!

If you want a long term, sustainable comprehensive digital marketing strategy that delivers hundreds of thousands of dollars to your business you have to have Jürgen on your team.

- Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training

Where do I begin to tell you how delighted I am with Innovabiz? Jürgen Strauss has given me the website I had almost given up on achieving after two false starts with other web developers. I am so happy with my website; I have even been known to become teary when talking about it!

I can’t speak highly enough of Jürgen Strauss and Innovabiz and recommend them to any business owner that wants their website to achieve more client traffic, more client contact and more sales. I know that Innovabiz will build you a website you will be proud of and one that will continue to build your business.

- I Speak, I Train, I Write

Working with Jürgen to redevelop our website was a pleasure.

He has an excellent understanding of what is necessary to make a business work via the web.

His service is prompt, attentive and creative.

We look forward to a happy and productive ongoing working relationship with Innovabiz and Jürgen.

– Newlands Coloured Wool


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Planning is Fun! In today’s podcast, Jürgen reflects on the recent planning retreat he ran as a JV with a number of other businesses and describes the lessons he took away from running that event. Learn why he says – Planning is Fun. Listen to the podcast to find out more. Listen to the Podcast…

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InnovaBuzz Episode #76 – Lolly Daskal, Lead from Within

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InnovaBuzz Episode #75 – Ideal Audience and Community

By Jürgen Strauss | May 19, 2017

Your Ideal Audience and Community In today’s podcast, Jürgen talks about who the ideal audience is for your message – who is it that you can benefit the most?  He shares the beginning of his journey in the Marketing Seminar Community of Seth Godin and learnings around focusing on who you serve, from that seminar.…

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Building a marketing machine with website and information

By Jürgen Strauss | May 19, 2017

Building a marketing machine with website and information Building a marketing machine with your website and online assets involves providing exceptional value through information relevant and helpful to your target audience. There are no shortcuts, it’s a case of consistency. Always be adding value, that builds an assett on an ongoing basis, as well as…

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Information Marketing is Education

InnovaBuzz Episode #74 – Information Marketing is Education

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Information Marketing is Education Information marketing is education – in this episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Jürgen talks about using education on your blog to do information marketing.  Interestingly, this is a similar model that Seth Godin refers to as modern marketing, based on empathy, humility, innovation and effectiveness. Listen to the podcast to find…

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Relationship Information Marketing

InnovaBuzz Episode #73 – A Website Doesn’t Bring Business: Relationship Information Marketing Does

By Jürgen Strauss | May 5, 2017

Relationship Information Marketing leads to business When we meet someone new at a networking event, do we immediately SELL to them and expect to get business?  Unlikely!  Usually, the best we can achieve, is to engage that new acquaintance, get their interest and have follow up meetings that will lead to some sort of business…

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InnovaBuzz Episode #72 – Andrew Yap, Medtasker

By Jürgen Strauss | April 28, 2017

Andrew Yap – Medtasker In this episode, my guest is Andrew Yap, founder of Medtasker,  a mobile communication and care coordination platform for hospitals, that improves patients’ safety and hospital efficiency. Andrew is a medical doctor who became frustrated at the inefficiencies in the hospital communication process and workflow – reliant on pager, fax and phone, still…

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