Writing Copy that Results in Sales

Writing Copy that Results in Sales

Writers must have the basic writing skills to capture readers’ attention, but beyond that they need to display their distinctive personality, style and character as well as knowledge in their articles.  Authors who are noted to write articles that sell are the most sought-after in the online industry.  Here are interesting but relevant writing tips from Steve Sweeney, the writer at Going Concern:

What I do is pretty simple – I sell words!

By:  Steve Sweeney

As many of you know, I’m a writer.  So what I do is pretty simple – I sell words.  They are my stock in trade.  Unlike Tara, I don’t have a physical bottle of cream to cleanse your skin.  Unlike Graeme, I won’t give you peace of mind with an insurance policy and I certainly won’t leave you feeling like Chris can after half an hour on his table being therapeutically Bowened by him.  No, after a customer deals with me all they’ll have is words. http://bninetworkgeelong.com.au/copywriting/words/

Persuasive copywriting is a must when advertising or educating the public on the benefits of buying your products.  It is also very powerful if the endorsement comes from a trusted writer who has helped many subscribers in the past.  The product information serves as a testimonial when this is the case.  Gaining authorship for your online documentation is highly recommended if you write it yourself.  If not, hire a professional copywriter with good online reputation for your business.

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

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