Ten Marketing Tips to Start Your Weekend

Ten Marketing Tips

As you relax and wind down for the weekend, I want to quickly mention ten simple marketing tips. You can read them below and hopefully be inspired to implement these ideas in the marketing of your business.

Ten Marketing Tips

  • Marketing Tip 1 – Every Business Needs Marketing

    Every business needs marketing, so your prospective customers will find you. You will need to spend time and money on marketing.  Embrace it.

  • Marketing Tip 2 – Marketing Is NOT Complicated

    All you have to do is communicate in the right way, with the right people, at the right time and in the right place and with the right message.  Build a connection with your audience.

  • Marketing Tip 3 – Remind People You Exist

    It is YOUR responsibility to remind people you exist.  If you wait for them to find you, it’s too late!

  • Marketing Tip 4 – Keep It Simple

    Don’t overcomplicate things, keep it simple.  Use easy to understand language (no jargon), aim for small wins, keeping the big picture in mind (it’s like eating pizza – one piece at a time).

  • Marketing Tip 5 – It’s About Them

    It’s not about you!  Make your customer the hero.  People care about their problems and their needs, not about you, unless you are the one to solve their problems and address their needs.

  • Marketing Tip 6 – Focus Your Attention

    Focus ALL of your attention on your current and prospective customers.  Listen and understand them better than anyone else does.  Connect with them at a deeper level than anyone else does.  (It turns out that getting really, really clear about your target market,  will change everything!)

  • Marketing Tip 7 – Keep Turning Up

    Persistence brings success.  Just show up!  And keep showing up – Be present!

  • Marketing Tip 8 – Be Patient

    Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time to build trust.  Your best work and biggest successes are ahead of you.

  • Marketing Tip 9 – Forget the Competition

    Your competition don’t pay the bills!  Customers pay the bills – FOCUS on your prospective and existing customers.  Create amazing customer experiences.

  • Marketing Tip 10 – Be YOU!

    Don’t try to be like other people! Learn from others, AND be yourself.

You can download these ten marketing tips in mindmap form from this link.

So now that you’ve seen these ten simple marketing tips, what are you telling yourself about marketing?  Do you feel that you can give your marketing a kick start next week?

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