Modern Marketing


Steve McCready, Rewrite Your Story, Change Your Life – 622

Steve McCready joins host Jürgen Strauss to discuss how rewriting your personal narrative can lead to profound changes in both life and business. Discover strategies for embracing failure, the importance of self-reflection, and mind mapping as a tool for innovation. Join us to unlock your full potential by transforming your story with Steve McCready on InnovaBuzz 622.


Chris Hood, Beyond Technology: Customer-Centered Digital Innovation – 621

Chris Hood joins host Jürgen Strauss to explore customer-centred digital innovation on Innovabuzz 621. They emphasize the significance of empathy over technology in enhancing customer engagement, the drawbacks of technology-first approaches, the crucial role of empathy in digital strategies, and innovative ways to fortify human connections through technology.


Erin Andrea Craske, Effortlessness in Leadership and Life – 620

Erin Andrea Craske joins host Jürgen Strauss to define effortlessness in leadership and life in Innovabuzz Episode 620. Explore key insights on the importance of authentic leadership, strategic thinking beyond the boardroom, and the power of authenticity in differentiating oneself. Join us for transformative advice on achieving personal and professional growth with ease.


Robert Brill: Digital Advertising Strategies – The Symphony of Success – 619

Robert Brill joins Jürgen Strauss to discuss the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset, leveraging AI in digital advertising, and crafting strategic, creative campaigns for success on 619.


Fred Joye: Enabling Startup Growth through Innovative Outsourcing and Investment – 618

Fred Joye, co-founder of Arcanys Ventures, joins host Jürgen Strauss to share his journey from finance to tech entrepreneurship on 618. Discover how his innovative outsourcing and investment model empowers startups, and learn about his commitment to fostering a positive work culture and community for sustainable growth.


Fred Cary: The Entrepreneurial Playbook to Turn Expertise into Empires – 617

Fred Cary joins host Jürgen Strauss on InnovaBuzz Episode 617 to reveal how entrepreneurs can transform expertise into empires. Uncover the significance of community, mastering the shift from expertise to entrepreneurship, and the impact of AI on innovation for actionable insights.


Alan Lazaros, Redefining Success: Self Improvement and Fulfilment – 616

Alan Lazaros, joins Jürgen Strauss on to dive into redefining success through self-improvement and fulfilment. Discover the keys to balancing health, wealth, and love, the power of continuous learning, and the importance of conscious communication in relationships.


Jeff Giagnocavo, Leading with Heart and Exceptional Customer Experiences – 615

Jeff Giagnocavo shares invaluable insights on empathetic leadership, creating exceptional customer experiences, and the benefits of contrarian thinking on the InnovaBuzz podcast. Discover how leading with heart and innovation can transform your business.


Tai Goodwin, Crafting Meaningful Customer Journeys in Digital Spaces – 614

Tai Goodwin, a trailblazer in digital marketing, delves into crafting meaningful customer journeys, the significance of authenticity, and the power of consistency in Episode 614. Discover Tai’s innovative strategies for elevating visibility and making an impactful difference in the digital realm. Join us to explore how authenticity and strategic marketing can transform your approach and drive success.