The Value of Mobile Websites

The Value of Mobile Websites

People in the website business  know very well that clients have different priorities.  You just have to push the right button.  However, there’s not much convincing power needed when you are selling a mobile website.  There are relevant statistics, varying costs and range of social benefits that will eliminate doubts in the importance of having one.  This article is actually not for the end users but you will see its value more after reading this:

How To Sell The Value Of Mobile To Clients


If you know the secrets of the trade, you will understand better how helpful it is for your web maker when you know exactly what you want to achieve with your mobile website. You will also know what type of client group you belong – after knowing the revelations in this article.

As Web designers and developers, we see the value in supporting mobile devices every day. We’re well-versed in tactics and techniques for adapting our work to mobile. Our challenge is to be equally well-versed in selling our clients on that value as being something in which they need to invest precious budget dollars.

Whether you are a data-driven, competitor-driven, cost-driven or socially-conscious client, doors of opportunities will be opening to you just the same if you are equipped with a mobile website.  Just set your goals and find a web developer or designer that can come up with the specifications for your needs.  It’s just a matter of finding someone who listens to your ideas but knows the craft very well – that just by reading the proposal after the briefing, you can already picture the whole  set-up and functionality of your upcoming mobile website.

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