The Truth about Responsive Design

The Truth about Responsive Design

Yes, it’s true that one option to have a mobile-friendly website is what many refer to as responsive design but making your website responsive is not as simple as it sounds.  There are various processes involved in creating or converting a site into a responsive one – that can become complicated especially when you are not an experienced web developer.   This article explores the various facets to take into consideration when developing a responsive website.  As they say, “it’s more than just mobile.” :

Common misconceptions about responsive design

By: Daniel Kling

Yes the mobile web is exploding and yes it is the driving force behind responsive design, but when we think of responsive design we need to consider more than just mobile. With the introduction of retina displays and video game browsers, internet users are now viewing websites on larger screen resolutions and in many different contexts.

Websites that can be viewed clearly from whatever device used are a must in today’s environment.  Responsive websites are one option to make your website mobile-friendly.  The challenge is how such websites can be designed to be able to satisfy the different users of these online tools.   Making your website mobile-friendly, being aware of the more readable fonts, margins, layouts, quick to download images and easy navigational menu are just few of the best practices in implementing a responsive design on your site.  This is indeed a very good reason to get some help from an experienced web developer!

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