Do Fat Websites Cost you or your visitors Money?

Do Fat Websites Cost you or your visitors Money?

When developing a mobile website, it’s important to focus on readability, useability and speed. Because mobile sites will generally be accessed via the devices mobile data plan, large downloads can be expensive and lead to very unhappy visitors to your website. So the size of a mobile website is critical. A recent report in the Vancouver Sun highlighted this point:

Mobile devices dragged down by obese websites

“Think viewing a few websites on a smartphone doesn’t use much data? Think again.

The average size of a web page continues to grow unabated, a trend that mobile users in particular should take note of.

According to the website HTTP Archive, which regularly studies the top 10,000 most-visited sites online, the average web page now weighs in at about 1.3 megabytes, up about 35 per cent in the last year.

It’s not a big data hit when accessing the web at home but it’s a different story for users with limited data allowances for their mobile phones.

So keep the “whiz bang” elements and amount of content on your mobile site in proportion, so that the size of the website doesn’t lead to massive data consumption on the part of your visitors!


Image Source: Photograph by: Frank Witsil, AP

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