Why Visualisation Works Best when Mind Mapping?

Why Visualisation Works Best when Mind Mapping?

Not many people know that majority of human beings if not all are very visual.  This means that we can better digest things when they are illustrated using images.  Generally, our conscious and sub-conscious systems are very compatible with visuals.  Read this very interesting but verifiable article why visualisation works best when mind mapping:

10 Reasons Information Visualisation Rocks


Here at Mindjet, we think visualising information rocks — but more importantly, there’s a whole load of scientific proof as to why people find it so much easier to digest and work with information that’s displayed visually, rather than in traditional formats such as documents and spreadsheets. I’ve scoured the Web to find you these 10 great reasons to hop on the information visualisation train. blog.mindjet.com/2013/07/visualisation-rocks/

If our brain and eyes are like visual magnets, this is enough reason why visualisation works better than other options when mind mapping.  However, other findings like being able to communicate well without words and the rest of the behavioural statistics noted in this article can further convince us that it’s time to go visual when planning details of projects to be very efficient.

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