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Let's Make Marketing Human Again

Dr Jürgen Strauss
E: jurgen@innovabiz.com.au
W: www.innovabiz.com.au
T: @innovabiz
P: +61 434 902 884

Transformational Marketing Strategist | Podcaster | Speaker

Owner and Chief Innovator of Innovabiz -  partnering with innovative, exceptional business coaches and consultants to enable them to acquire more leads and more business by reaching their target ideal audience with their message.

Host of the InnovaBuzz Podcast and the Tales of Marketing Transformation Show.

Relevant Experience

I’ve spent years in both the corporate world and small business world at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management.

My philosophy is making marketing human!  Marketing is about building relationships with people we serve; marketing is about enabling people to achieve and excel; it’s about working with people. Our Map places marketing at the heart of business and mirrors a hero’s journey taken by the customer.

With over 200 episodes of the InnovaBuzz Podcast, we have a robust system from identifying and inviting guests, through recording, editing, publishing and promoting each episode. There’s a magic question, that is key to growing the podcast, and other innovative strategies.

A key part of our Marketing Map is customer retention; delivering exceptional experiences, helping them solve more problems and having them share their stories. We work with clients on systems for encouraging reviews, managing reviews and owning your online reputation.


Innovative Marketing Strategies - our 12 Step Transformational Marketing Map, guides our customers through a marketing journey and use this process to build their marketing strategy

Getting clarity around your ideal client / audience / team member - using Empathy Mapping in a unique way, to really understand your ideal target audience and build a message that will resonate with them and engage them.

Podcasting Process - We publish two of our own podcasts - InnovaBuzz and Tales of Marketing Transformation. We produce a host of podcasts for our clients.

Reputation Management (Review Management) - we help businesses to model excellent customer service, then harness the power of online reviews as a marketing tactic for growth.

Jürgen Presenting

Jürgen Strauss

Founder and Chief Innovator at Innovabiz, Jürgen's vision for Innovabiz is simple:

Innovabiz will turn your business into a client magnet by building and making the most of your marketing - making your marketing Human again.

Jürgen is passionate about helping businesses achieve exceptional results through innovation and modern human marketing.

His commitment to quality and service is unparalleled.

As the host of the InnovaBuzz innovation podcast, Jürgen has been privileged to interview entrepreneurs from all around the world. He is also a mentor for the largest global community of website and digital marketing consultants.

Prior to founding Innovabiz, Jürgen worked in the science and chemical industries leading large global multi-national teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia. He's spent years at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management.

Nowadays Jürgen uses his considerable skills and talents to specialise in innovative digital strategy and marketing, particularly making marketing more Human again, in online marketing and lead generation strategies, as well as podcast development and project management.

Happily married with two adult children, and two pet cats, Jürgen is an avid photographer and cyclist.

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Some Questions You Could Ask

I welcome any questions you'd like to explore with me - in fact, I love conversations that take me to new places. 

Most important, I want to add value to your audience!

Here are some that I've been asked in the past.  Feel free to add your own!

  • Why is it important to have an ideal client defined clearly for your business?
  • What is an Empathy Map? Why is it important?
  • How does an Empathy Map help in understanding your client? How does it help in developing your marketing message? How does it help in building a relationship with your clients?
  • How have you implemented the ideal client exercise and Empathy Map in your business?
  • What do you mean with "making Marketing more Human again"?
  • What is your marketing framework? How is it different to other marketing?
  • What is Transformational Marketing?
  • What is the customer journey and why is that important in marketing?
  • How do you use podcasting in your marketing? What are you doing to maximise or increase the chance of your success when it comes to podcasting? How do you improve the chances that people listening will in some way continue to engage with you in some sort of action?
  • I know you’ve got some amazing skills when it comes to systems & processes. How did you get into that?
  • What are some of the things you see people afraid of doing or afraid to implement when it comes to creating processes & systems?