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Introducing Flywheel Nation

The Only Podcast-Powered Community Masterfully Crafted for Human Connection Among High-Impact Achievers

In today's fast-paced world, it can be challenging for coaches, consultants, podcasters, and authors to find reliable sources of information and support. The overwhelming amount of resources available can make it difficult to identify trustworthy experts and thought leaders to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Enter Flywheel Nation, an exclusive community designed to connect you with experts, thought leaders, like-minded business trailblazers and innovators. Immerse yourself in a collaborative ecosystem, gaining invaluable insights, resources, and opportunities to learn from the best in the industry.

Flywheel Nation is committed to creating a nurturing environment where each member feels supported and encouraged to grow, making it a truly unique and personalized experience.

We're dedicated to providing a platform where ambitious professionals can connect, learn, and collaborate, while accessing valuable resources and expert insights to help them stay ahead in their respective fields.

Flywheel Nation is an established community built by the team behind the successful InnovaBuzz Podcast and its founder, Dr. Jürgen Strauss, the only Podcast Innovator with the signature bright yellow headphones, who masterfully crafts human connection for high-impact achievers in a vibrant community. His distinct yellow headphones symbolize the bold and creative approach he brings to podcasting, shining a bright light on the power of strategic, human-centered conversations that ignite growth and collaboration.

With over 570 episodes and a wide range of influential guests, our passion for connecting industry professionals and fostering growth has driven us to create an exclusive platform tailored to your needs.

By Joining Flywheel Nation,

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  • A community of highly influential and accomplished  people
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  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and connections with other ambitious professionals
  • Premium events designed to foster collaboration and build lasting relationships
  • powerful support system and community of like-minded people

AND have fun while doing that and so much more.....

Forge Connections that Create Opportunities - Unlock Opportunities by Forging Connections

Our thriving community of ambitious achievers includes professionals from various fields such as creativity, innovation, leadership, productivity, speaking, podcasting, marketing, sales, change management, money management, content production, business mindset, and success mindset. Members consistently praise Flywheel Nation for the high-quality connections, insights, and opportunities that have helped them grow both personally and professionally.

Maxine Cunningham CEO & Cofounder of Pick My Brain

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