Public Relations is Crucial in Online Media

Public Relations is Crucial in Online Media

Writing a good story that is interesting, helpful and timely is not enough if few people know about it.   Sure, we can always promote them through social media but the rapport will not be as great as when it is distributed as a news item.  Therefore establishing media connections online is important in getting a broader mileage for your announcements.   Read this article and find out why:


Become the media maestro for your business

BY: Christina Richardson

Driving awareness is a key challenge for any small business. As a budget-efficient channel, PR is often called upon to help achieve this objective and there are plenty of PR experts out there that can help. But I do think business owners can do much themselves, particularly in B2B or service sector. Many business owners shy away from PR — here is a step-by-step guide to getting some coverage for your business: 

Online networking is an important public relations strategy.  It is more efficient to build relationships with people with authority over the net, rather than do a personal distribution campaign that can be perceived as spamming.  If your story is promoted with their endorsements, it can be a massive hit because it can be influenced by the traffic of their top ranking sites.  The good thing is, media publications offline or online are always looking for quality materials.  So, create relevant promotions following their guidelines and submit accordingly on time!

Insights by: Jurgen Strauss

Public Relations is Crucial in Online Media 6

Jürgen Strauss

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