7 Tips to get More Sales from your Website

7 Tips to get More Sales from your Website

Every business could do with some extra sales, right?

Here are 7 low cost ideas that are quick and easy to implement but will give you more sales from your website and significantly increase your profits week in, week out.

Limit the Time and Offer

You will sell a lot more products if you place a time or number limit on what you are offering.

“This offer is good forever and just buy whenever you feel like it” does not convert very well at all.   There is no sense of urgency and the customer will put off buying, even if they really like it.

“This offer is only valid until 3pm and then will be withdrawn” or “Demand for this product is huge but we will only be selling 50 at this special price then the offer will gone forever” adds urgency and will encourage your customer to buy.

Show Off Your Testimonials

Customers like to know that they are making a wise choice.  Reading testimonials from other buyers will confirm to them that they are making a good decision by choosing to buy from you.

Place your testimonials on your sales page, near your “add to cart” button and on the actual checkout page.  This will reduce cart abandonment if they decide at the last minute not to buy.


Focus on ONE Benefit

What is the ONE awesome thing about the product or service that you are offering?

If you offer too much choice, then people find it hard to make a decision and actually buy.  So concentrate on just one amazing reason why they should buy your product or use your service.


Behind the Curtain

Some potential customers get nervous about what will happen after they purchase an item.  For example they might worry that your online processor won’t take them to the download page or what to do next after they have entered their credit card details.

Why not make video showing exactly what will happen once they enter their credit card details, guiding them from the order button right the way through to the download page.

This will be reassuring to them and will generate a lot more extra sales from some clients who might have had second thoughts about buying.



Create a video giving a demonstration showing how awesome your product or service is.  If you are selling an amazing vacuum cleaner for example, then demonstrate how good it is.

Once a customer sees that the product or service does exactly what they want it to do then they will be more than happy to buy.


No Risk

“What if I don’t like it?”

“No problem. We will give you ALL of your money back!!”

People must know that they can get their money back if the product or service is not what they thought it was.

Offering a no questions money back guarantee will take away any of the anxiety or worry that a client may have and they will buy from you with confidence.


Be Positive

You will always sell more when the audience can feel your excitement for a product or service.  Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through and help convert sales.


So what’s stopping you?

To be most effective, these seven things need to be done along with providing fresh content and information on an ongoing, regular basis.  This can be time consuming and often gets delegated to someone who doesn’t know how to do it properly.   Done poorly, infrequently and eventually not at all means that the initiative will soon fail.

The solution to this problem  – work with someone to ensure you produce fresh, regular, new content consistently ensuring that your website will indeed drive more sales of your products or service.

That’s why we at Innovabiz have moved our business model away from selling websites, to a subscription plan, where there is a small investment up front to get your website setup, working and meeting best-practice.

After that setup phase (where most web developers then “leave you to it”) we continue an ongoing relationship with our clients that includes a monthly accountability meeting where we plan your strategy, workshop your action plan, and help you monitor and adapt your website on a regular basis, to optimise the return it gives to your business.

Of course, the benefits of having an ongoing relationship with your web developer / online strategist extend well beyond just your sales strategy, but that is a topic for one of my next articles.

If you want to learn more about our website subscription models, call us on +61352828313, or send us an email on subscription@innovabiz.com.au

Written by: Jurgen Strauss



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