Micro-Moments – Better Mobile Strategy

Micro-Moments – Better Mobile Strategy


In this article by Matt Lawson , Director of Marketing, Performance Ads, Google, points out that the huge growth of mobile devices has dramatically changed consumers behaviour. He suggested the the “consumer journey” is now broken down into hundreds of “Micro Moments”. In any of these moments, consumers are open to being influenced by what they encounter. At Google, they refer to these as the “I-want-to-know”, “I-want-to-go”, “I-want-to-buy” and “I-want-to-do” moments. Each micro-moment is loaded with intent, with context and with immediacy.

What does this mean for the “New Consumer Journey”?

Read the full article to find out more:


Win Every Micro-Moment with a Better Mobile Strategy

by: Matt Lawson

It’s no secret mobile has changed how consumers behave. With the consumer journey fragmented into hundreds of micro-moments, it’s increasingly important for brands to be there when consumers reach for their devices. Matt Lawson, Google’s Director of Ads Marketing, explains how marketers can adapt.



For marketers, Lawson points out three essential strategies to win these micro moments:

  1. Be there
  2. Be useful
  3. Be quick

Interestingly, if you are following all of Google’s search engine best practice advice, you’ll recognize these three strategies in the features that all high ranking websites need to have:

  1. Mobile friendly and easy to find
  2. Content focused – authority content about their specialty
  3. Fast loading time.

This is another good reminder, that search strategy and user experience are in fact the same thing and focus on giving your website visitor a great experience will feed the search giant too!

Jürgen Strauss

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