A Very Mobile New Year

A Very Mobile New Year

The season for giving definitely contributes to the surging statistics of mobile users. This means that there will be more demands from the mobile community after the New Year. Are you ready for this great opportunity? Perhaps this article can give you more insights on what you can do with your website to take advantage of this group of active consumers.


A Very Mobile New Year

“iPhone and Android sales will soar this holiday season as consumer spending continues to gain confidence. According to Google’s mobile planet report, 44% of the population uses smartphones, with 66% accessing the Internet in some way every day. Add on that smartphones are a major access point for search — 57% search on their smartphone daily — and we’re looking at some pretty big numbers. We’re using our smartphones everywhere, everyday, including in our homes. 97% of the population uses their smartphone while they are at home, even with their desktop computer right in the next room.”


Is your landing page already equipped with QR codes or eCommerce apps? Check with your web designer on how to go about these things – not just for the New Year but all thoughout the year. Have a very mobile New Year indeed!


Jürgen Strauss

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