5 Google Analytics Reports to Increase Your Conversions

5 Google Analytics Reports to Increase Your Conversions


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The folks over at usertesting.com have suggested 5 Google Analytics reports to increase your conversions and have nominated Age, Gender, Interests, Devices and Where people live as key metrics to help you work out who your site visitors are and why they might not be taking the action you want them to take.

Need to Increase Conversions? Start With These 5 Google Analytics Reports

by: Stef Miller

People leave your site everyday without taking action.

You might have wanted them to buy something, or sign up for something, but they didn’t.

So what’s going on? In order to figure out why they’re not converting and how to fix it, first we need to figure out who these people are and where they’re getting stuck on your site.

Knowing who’s visiting your website will help you determine what needs……


This is a simple way to start looking in more detail at some data that can help you understand visitor behaviour on your website and identify the areas where the engagement process is breaking down – that is where are visitors abandoning your site rather than continuing on to the point of taking an action.

Whilst I agree, that tracking your data can help identify gaps in your process, I think that the point this article overlooks (and it may be covered in their Conversion Optimization Crash Course offered – I haven’t yet checked that) is that defining your website goals and outcomes should be your very first step.  Then you can work out what data to track, that will inform you if you are progressing towards those goals and outcomes.

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