Save Old Appliances by Connecting Them

Save Old Appliances by Connecting Them

We are all familiar with the rapid development of consumer technology and how, when we purchase the latest gadget, it is out of date and superceded in a very short space of time. This is often very frustrating, as the updated model often has that one feature that we really would like! Take the case of this one buyer who just bought his oven at the end of 2012 – just prior to the launch of Wi-Fi connected ovens by GE and LG. He found a way to innovate and save lots of money (relative to upgrading to the newest model) by using a “Supermechanical” tool:

Supermechanical has a gizmo to make your dumb oven smart

One day many of us might have a Wi-Fi connected oven, but that’s going to take some time. For example, I spend thousands on connected gadgets in my home, but since my ovens were purchased in Dec. 2012 before GE or LG had launched any of their Wi-Fi enabled appliances, I’m probably a decade or two out from having any sort of connected cooker.

Innovation is not only for manufacturers but also for direct users. If you are really into connected things, get acquainted with products like this one from a Texas consumer. See for yourself first if it’s worth spending for around $98 to $160 to make your device smarter in preference to upgrading the entire device to the newest “smart” model.

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