IoT is Helping in Measuring Energy Saved with LED

IoT is Helping in Measuring Energy Saved with LED

LED is a very efficient lighting system that can save enormous amounts of energy in the long run. However, industries are resistant to change from Florescent to LED because of it’s high initial cost. This situation has prompted lighting companies like Philips to offer Lighting-as-a-Service to selected public projects with the help of IoT. Learn how it’s done here:

IoT Enables Lighting-as-a-Service

The lighting industry is moving from fluorescent to LEDs. Lighting-as-a-service aims to make that transition smooth and add value for both customer and provider. The Internet of Things is helping.

Philips basically absorbs the installation costs – then the city pays Philips on terms but immediately benefits from the savings brought about by LED’s lower energy usage. There’s no problem measuring the energy consumption from single-metered public facilities but not in commercial places where there are other devices installed that use electricity.

IoT powered switches and equipment can make it less complicated for measuring the cost-benefit of Lighting-as-a-Service.

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