Innovation is Essential to keep your Business Sustainable

Innovation is Essential to keep your Business Sustainable

Albert Einstein once famously said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”   Innovation is all about doing things “differently” to get better results.  Many people believe that innovation is a “gift” of the “genius”, or a creative past-time.  In fact, innovation is a process, that anyone can follow and become good at.  Here are some simple tips to become more innovative:

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In today’s chaotic and unpredictable marketplace where continuous innovation has become the price of doing business—and the only “business-as-usual” is that there is no business-as-usual anymore—many organizations struggle to keep up with the public’s unrelenting demand for “new, different and better.” Not long ago, you could thrive for years on just one great idea; today it seems you need a brand new game-changer every week.

Simple concepts such as simplify things, make it easier, make it more attractive and many more tips in the article, can lead to innovations which may transform your product or service from “ordinary” to “extra-ordinary”.  This convenient list of ideas should always be close at hand.

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Insights by: Jürgen Strauss

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